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London Patch 1

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London Patch 1

The London Patch 1 release (General Availability) contains problem fixes.

London Patch 1 was released on September 5, 2018.
Build date: 08-24-2018_1706
Build tag: glide-london-06-27-2018__patch1-08-15-2018
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to London.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of London fixed problems, see KB0692695.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP. The following products are not approved for FedRAMP in London: Benchmarks, Security Threat Intelligence, Sightings Search, and Trusted Security Circles.


London Patch 1 includes 147 PRBs fixed in various problem categories. The chart below shows the top 10 problem categories.

Figure 1. Top 10 problem categories
Fixed issues grouped by problem categories bar chart

Security-related fixes

London Patch 1 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow® applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in London Patch 1, refer to KB0696837.

Notable fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem category Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Condition Builder



If using a dot-walking field of an extended table, the Condition Builder v3 results in 'empty' conditions The new report designer's condition builder shows empty conditions if the report uses dot-walking of an extended table. Fields are shown in the filter and breadcrumb, but not in the listed conditions. Since this has to do with extended tables, first change the property glide.ui.list.allow_extended_fields to true.
  1. Create a new report of any type in the new Report Designer.
  2. Set the table to task.
  3. Add a new filter with the change task > close code.
  4. Save the report.
  5. Refresh the page.
  6. Expand the filter.
The filter is empty.

Service Catalog



In Kingston, a setValue client script causes the catalog item to have a changed form After the upgrade to Kingston, while navigating from the catalog form to the previous screen, a popup 'Are you sure you want to leave this page' is displayed even though no changes are done on the form.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Usage Analytics


The usage data of the last month should not be uploaded if the job context is empty OOM exceptions are thrown due to many records being uploaded in the past month payload.

Tables and Dictionary


Adding elements to a TPP grandparent and grandchild table in an update set can cause the alias corruption When adding an element to a particular table in the CMDB hierarchy, and another element to a grandchild (or lower) of that table, within the same update set, the storage aliases can be corrupted so that the elements are stored in the same column. This can cause functional problems and data loss.

All other fixes

Problem category Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Activity Stream


In the Workspace UI, @mentions do not send a notification email

Agent Workspace


Consecutive incidents created with Workspace do not have consecutive incident numbers In Workspace, create a new incident.

Notice that incident numbers are not consecutive - for example, INT3693517 and INT3693521. In the legacy UI, incident numbers are consecutive.

Agent Workspace


In Workspace, it is difficult to set the currency type Currency options are hidden and cannot be selected by using a mouse. They can be selected by keyboard, but that option is not intuitive.

Agent Workspace


On mobile, changing the language or any other field on a user profile and saving the form results in console errors
  1. Open mobile view ($
  2. Navigate to Profile > More Details.
  3. Try to change the language from English to any other language.
  4. Save.
There are errors in the browser console.

Agent Workspace


Attachments are blank when viewing incidents
  1. Navigate to Agent Workspace > Agent Workspace Home.
  2. Open an incident with attachments.
  3. In the contextual side bar, click the Attachments tab.
The tab is completely blank. It should at least display the empty state if there are no attachments.

Agent Workspace


In Workspace, users cannot search on any csm_workspace tables The tables are not text-indexed when the plugin is activated.

Agent Workspace


Sub tab style is broken when open the same records multiple times In a base instance:
  1. Navigate to Incident.
  2. Open INC0000018.
  3. On the form, click the Task SLAs tab.
  4. Open INC0000018 in the related list as a sub-tab.
  5. In the full list of Task SLAs (task_sla records), open INC0000018. If the list is not there, create one.
  6. To open INC0000018 as a sub tab, click the reference field icon of Task.
  7. Switch back to the Details tab of the first main tab.
The style of the sub-tab next to it is broken.

Agent Workspace


In reference fields, search results display "no records to display" even when a valid selection has been made In Workspace:
  1. Select a valid value in a reference field. For example, navigate to Incident.
  2. In the Business Service field, select Tableau Desktop.
  3. Select the search icon.
The search modal displays "No records to display."

App Client UI


Plugin dependency popups can have incorrect links to plugins Store applications can depend on platform plugins. If the platform plugin is not installed, the required dependency (plugin) is shown in a popup message, which has a link to send users to the activation/installation plugin page. Some of these plugin links are incorrect.

Application Navigator Banner Frame


Keyboard Shortcuts Enable toggle is out of sync When no user preference is set, by default the keyboard shortcuts are enabled, but the Keyboard Shortcuts Enable toggle is out of sync.
  1. Log in to an instance.

    Keyboard shortcuts are enabled.

  2. Navigate to Settings > General.

The Keyboard Shortcuts Enabled toggle is off.

Application Portfolio Management (APM)


The date format issue in the 'Technology Lifecycles' module

The 'Technology Lifecycles' module displays incorrect dates on the date bar when the date format has been changed from the default.

When users change the date format from the system-wide property 'yyyy-MM-dd' to 'dd-MM-yyyy', it does not work as expected. With the system default as 'yyyy-MM-dd', the 'Technology Lifecycles' module works as expected.



On the walk-up one-click survey, the question 'Please rate your overall walk-up experience' is not translated

Asset Management


Update SCCM 2012v2 and 2016 transform scripts to execute when SAM Foundation is installed and fix scripts

Asset Management


Activating SAMP does not automatically activate other PA plugins When SAMP is activated, it should automatically activate PA SAMP ( and PA Premium SAM (

Cloud Management Application


In Cloud Management blueprints, steps can execute in the wrong order Blueprint operation condition are not evaluated correctly during runtime.
  1. Navigate to the Cloud Admin Portal.
  2. Create a new blueprint with multiple steps in the provision operation (for example, block until ready, execute config package).
  3. Add a condition to one of the steps so that it will skipped during runtime.
  4. Order this catalog and wait for the successful execution.
  5. Navigate to thesn_cmp_order_step_status table and look for the steps executing for the provisioning.
In the order step status table, there is no record for the skipped test.

Cloud Management Application



Global UI actions are overridden when the Cloud Management plugin is activated Global UI Actions are overridden when the Cloud Management ( plugin is activated on top of the domain support plugin.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Cloud Management Application


Certain errors are buried in trails which makes it impossible to find the actual cause of ARM provisioning failures When the order fails, the error 'script execution failed' is thrown on the user portal stack activity, instead of the actual error 'Can't supply admin as username.'

Cloud Management Application


Intermittent issues during Resource Block import and export Some records might fail to upgrade after they are imported in an update set.

Contextual Search


Issues with the Contextual Search results on the Portal The page scrolls to the top every time the contextual search results are loaded.

Customer Service Management


Files are not loaded properly after the plugin is activated After activating the plugin 'Performance Analytics - Content Pack - Customer Service (New)' -, there are many errors in the logs and files are not loaded properly.




Parsing parameters from ECC queue records with text nodes in a parameter fail

In the ECC Queue output Payload field, if there is any whitespace between a payload's 'parameter' element and a child element inside it, the MID Server will fail to parse the payload. This leaves the job in the ready state which is never processed.

The problem is caused by the space/text between child nodes within a parameter node:

An error is thrown in the MID Server's agent log.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



PowerShellProbe does not work with WinRM using HTTPS There is currently no way to configure the PowerShellProbe to use HTTPS with WinRM. Even when this can be enabled, SSL certification validation should be disabled since most servers have self-signed certificates.



Issues with the delete strategy when following the development of Unix Cluster patterns



Invalid MID Servers in a schedule cause multiple 'discovery.canceled' events from each Discovery Status, triggering the powered waterfall Too many discovery jobs started for chained schedules cause backlogs in the sys_trigger table, causing a major outage.



Apache Web Server [cmdb_ci_apache_web_server] Horizontal Discovery does not populate "Version" correctly In London, Apache Web Server Horizontal Discovery does not populate "Version" correctly. It appears to be specific to Ubuntu hosts and caused by '$process.executablePath + " -V"' in Step 19 of Identity Pattern: "Identification for HTTP(S) entry point type(s)" of Application Pattern: "Apache on UNIX based OS".



When classifying Unix\Linux machines with unsupported shell, the classification fails as F5, ESX and ZOS are reporting errors Discovery fails for Linux servers to classify in Kingston after upgrade from Jakarta.



Multiple 'discovery.canceled' events from each Discovery Status trigger powered waterfall Undefined variable causes multiple 'discovery.canceled' events from each Discovery Status, triggering powered waterfall.



Pattern customer operations parameters are not exported As part of pattern development, users can create custom operations. Each operation can define parameters, which are stored in a separate table: sa_custom_operation_param. However, the parameters of the defined operation are not exported.




Discovery creates duplicate models after enabling the Normalization Data Services plugin After activating the Normalization Data Services plugin, the models are duplicated because Discovery keeps creating models in each run instead of updating the existing one.
  1. Activate the Normalization Data Services plugin.
  2. Make sure that the properties are set to true.
    • glide.cmdb.canonical.discovery.enabled is supposed to allow discovery to make use of MakeAndModel normalization.
    • glide.cmdb.canonical.always_run runs at the business rule level and is intended to allow imports to be normalized.
  3. Run discovery on any device.

After completing the discovery, duplicate models are created in the cmdb_model table.



MID Server memory leak issue due to the H2 database connection leak




NetApp provider does not support querying SVMs Unable to discover NetApp servers after an upgrade to Kingston.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



The "physical_interface_count" attribute in the cmdb_ci_ip_switch CI has a wrong value when discovering using the "Network Switch" pattern The "physical_interface_count" attribute in the cmdb_ci_ip_switch CI has a wrong value when discovering using the "Network Switch" pattern.

Event Management


Slowness on the node due to the huge data processing An event threshold rule configured to process a huge amount of data can run the instance out of memory.

Event Management


Users cannot see the Event Management dashboard on mobile devices

On a Kingston instance

  1. Activate the Event Management plugin with demo data.
  2. Create a test user account, provide it a password, and give the test user the admin role.
  3. Impersonate the test user.
  4. Add Event Management > Dashboard as a favorite.
  5. As this test user, log in to the instance using a mobile device.
  6. Navigate to favorites and tap the Event Management Dashboard as favorite.

When using mobile devices or tablets, an error is displayed: "This page is not supported on tablets." The same error appears when trying to open the Event Management Dashboard in a mobile web browser.

Event Management


CMDBCI lookups should not perform a query if it has no conditions CMDBCI lookup tries to query the table based on the conditions of the alert. If there are no conditions, it still performs a query at all tables and returns all CIs in the table.

Event Management


Issues with the MID Server retry bulk event sender The MID Server event queuing in case of network failures does not work.

Financial Management


When the cost type of a cost plan is changed, the cost rollup to program does not work When cost type is changed, the value gets aggregated to the new type but it does not get deducted from old cost type. As a result, the total planned cost also gets an incorrect value.

Flow Designer


Flow logs are not logged into sys_flow_log - only error logs are logged

Flow Designer


The incorrect label is shown on certain script steps If two of the same type of step is present in an action, users are unable to effectively edit inputs in action designer steps. The input takes the last-entered value, and displays that for all steps of the same type.

Flow Designer


Issues occur when using the flow designer to update an HTML field on a form
  1. In the app navigator, type incident.list and open any record.
  2. Right click the description field (if missing add it by clicking Configure > Form Layout) and click Configure dictionary. Make sure that the field type is HTML and save it.
  3. In the app navigator, navigate to Flow designer > designer.
  4. Click + to add a new flow.
  5. Fill in the name and click Submit.
  6. Click + to add a Trigger.
  7. Select Trigger: Created and Table: incident.
  8. Click + to add an Action.
  9. Select Action: Create record, Table name: incident, and Fields: Description.
  10. Click Done.

Flow Designer


Logs are still captured even after flows are canceled or returned from the MID Server

Flow Designer


Boolean values cannot be saved in a flow designer as expected

Forms and Fields


In the mobile application for Kingston, text is not translated In a Kingston instance:
  1. Open the mobile view (href="$
  2. Navigate to Profile > More Details.
  3. Try to change the language from English to any other language.
  4. Save.
Text is not translated to the selected language.

Forms and Fields


Cannot edit a date_time field when timeago is enabled When the date/time format is set to timeago or both, users cannot edit a date/time field. Nothing happens when the calendar button is clicked. In a London instance:
  1. Use the cog on the top-right corner to set Date/Time to Timeago.
  2. Open
  3. Under the Resolution Information section, click the calendar icon to pick a date for the Resolved at field.
Clicking the calendar icon does not do anything.

Graph API


Improve memory users for users who are not using Workspace

Guided Tours


React Js is running on all lists and forms even if guided tours do not exist, causing browser performance issues This causes performance browser time performance degradation on all browsers.

Guided Tours


The Guided Tours Designer throws an error if the Openframe plugin is installed Issues occur when users try to create a guided tour using the Guided Tour Designer. When they drag a callout onto the screen and click Save, it does not get saved under the Steps section.

Guided Tours


If two tours exist with the same name in different domains, a validation error occurs
  1. Create a tour in Domain 1 with the name Test.
  2. Create a tour in Domain2 with same name.
Another tour with name "Name" already exists.

Guided Tours


In some situations, users are unable to stop tours from auto-launching After the Disable Autolaunch field on a record in the overrides table is set to false, the Dismiss Auto Launch workflow does not work as expected.

Human Resources


Errors occur when the "HRJ Completed Items" widget is added to the custom page After an upgrade to Kingston, an error is thrown when the HRJ Completed Items widget is added to the custom page.

Human Resources



After installing the Knowledge Blocks plugin, bookmark/favorite icons are not shown properly
  1. Install the Knowledge Blocks com.snc.knowledge_blocks plugin.
  2. Log out and log in again.
  3. Go to the Favorites tab.
The bookmark icon is shifted and not visible.

Human Resources


The KB knowledge base does not entertain the HR criteria The execute operation on the script include hr_Criteria from the 'Global' scope is denied because the source cannot be found.

Human Resources Service Management


Organization charts are missing when an instance is upgraded from Jakarta to London
  1. On a Jakarta instance, install the HR scoped Service Portal plugin.
  2. Upgrade the instance to London and go to the HR Service Portal.
Upon clicking the org chart link from the header, a blank page is displayed.

Human Resources Service Management


The SLA field on the HR Talent Management case does not get populated Plugin required: HR Core scoped app
  1. Create the SLA definition for the talent management case.
  2. Create a talent management case.
  3. Add the SLA field to the HR case list and form.

The field does not get set/populated.

Human Resources Service Management


When users click on the 'Assign roles' UI action/related link, a popup is shown with 'Leave Site?' with a message that it will not be saved On a London instance with the HR Core plugin installed:
  1. Navigate to the sys_user table.
  2. Open an existing user or create a new one.
  3. Click Assigned roles to try to assign roles to the user.
The popup message appears.

Human Resources Service Management


The HR case "Restrict Query" business rule is invoked multiple times for non-HR records

The HR application has custom Approve and Reject UI actions for the sysapproval_approver form. These UI actions check whether the record being approved is an HR case to determine whether to display or not.

This check is done with a GlideRecord lookup against the HR Case table, as opposed to a class name check. This causes the page to load slowly when there are many approval records or tasks in the system.

  1. As an admin, add a log statement to the HR case 'Restrict Query' business rule script.
  2. Log in as a user with no HR roles who has a requested approval record for a non-HR record (such as a Change Request).
  3. As the non-HR user, load the sysapproval_approver form for the non-HR approval.

The added message appears eight times in a row in the system log.

Human Resources Service Management


Under HR Services, there are duplicate options for 'Non-Disclosure Agreement'

Human Resources Service Management


The Transfer Case modal breaks with HR Service and Topic Categories having apostrophe in the name When the global property glide.ui.escape_all_script is set to false, the Transfer Case modal currently does not work properly when there are HR Services or Topic Categories containing an apostrophe character in the name.
  1. Log in as an admin and change the value of property glide.ui.escape_all_script to false.
  2. Create an HR Service with an apostrophe character in the name.
  3. Open an active HR case, and click Transfer Case in the form context menu.

The Transfer case dialog is displayed, but the 'Transfer Case to' list is not rendered properly, and a browser error is displayed.

Human Resources Service Management


The HR document template is not editable in the French language
  1. Install the French language plugin.
  2. Install the following HR plugins:
    1. Human Resources Scoped App: Core
    2. Human Resources Scoped App: Service Portal
    3. Human Resources Scoped App: Lifecycle Events
  3. Log out and log in again.
  4. Navigate to HR Administration > Document Templates.
  5. Open the template 'Sample Education Agreement'.
  6. Add some text in the field 'Body'.
  7. Right-click in the header and save.
  8. Change the language to French.
  9. Perform the steps 7-8 again.

An error message appears on the top 'Mise àjour non valide'. Another error message is visible at the bottom 'Corps es un champ obligatoire.'

Instance Data Replication


Instance stops sending replication events if an admin drops the column after being included in Replication

Instance Data Replication


When an instance is upgraded, the 'IDR.System' user record and other fields should not get overridden

Instance Data Replication


Possible replication event loss scenario can occur when an admin chooses to 'activate without seeding' after the first failed seeding attempt



Base URL is missing from the REST Step form when using a connection alias When the 'Use Connection Alias' option is selected, the 'Base URL' field is hidden. This field should not be hidden, and should instead be shown as read-only as it was in Kingston.

In a London instance:

  1. In Action Designer, create a new action or edit an existing action.
  2. Add a REST step.
  3. Set Connection to Use Connection Alias.

The 'Base URL' field is hidden



OOB choice lists should be included The output 'Status' should be changed to type 'Choice' in all AD and Azure AD actions to provide consistent guidance in all spokes and avoid flow designing mistakes.

Language and Translations


Add language translations for London This PRB adds language translations for various products to London.



Rows Per Page displays current and previous selections in List v2 On incident list, set rows per page to a different value than what is currently selected.

Note that when selecting another rows per page, both the current and previously selected values have a checkmark.



List UI action button does not work in List v3
  1. Navigate to System Definition > UI Actions > New.
  2. Name the UI action List Test: UI Action.
  3. Check the following: List Banner Button, List Bottom Button, List Context Menu, List Link, Client, List v2 and List v3 Compatible.
  4. Point the UI action to the incident table.
  5. In the onClick() field, type testList().
  6. Create a script: function testList(){ alert('ui action msg'); }
  7. Click on each of the UI action buttons.

No alert message appears like it normally would on List V2.

MID Server


Large ECC Queue payloads created in the TEMP folder are not removed When EccQueueMonitor or RefreshMonitor is run from a MID Server to poll the ECC Queue on the instance and there are records with a huge payload, the StreamReader buffers the output to a TEMP location on the file system with files named 'temp numbers'and never remove them. This seems to happen due to large probe sizes during Service Discovery.

MID Server


MID Server fails to start up on some Windows machines

On-call Scheduling


Schedule members are not filtering based on groups while creating on-call schedules After an upgrade, While creating an On-Call schedule, when selecting the group and try to add group members for the schedule, the list collector shows all the users in the system and not limiting to the current group members.

On-call Scheduling


The On-call Schedule Interceptor triggers global workflows The On-call Schedule Interceptor is set on the global table which triggers all other global workflows.
  1. Navigate to On-Call Scheduling > Create new schedule.
  2. Use the wizard to generate a schedule.
  3. Navigate to the wf_context table to find global workflows that were triggered by this process.

Operational Intelligence


Verify learned trendy models before storing them Before models are trained as 'trendy,' changes in baselines should be detected and verified.




The graceful termination is missing in Amazon AWS Route53 on empty hosted zones
  1. Configure Cloud Discovery for AWS.
  2. Run Discovery.

Errors are thrown in the Discovery log and Pattern log.



Unable to run the horizontal discovery on WMB on the Unix Pattern related to install_directory Unexpected behavior from WMB on the Unix Pattern.



Add OID to the OOTB pattern



The Pattern Discovery on the Windows Server 2012 does not complete properly When discovering Hyper-V servers, they appear as class "windows server" with no virtual instances.



If cmdb_ci is not extending cmdb, Discovery should get the child and extension tables from 'cmdb_ci' and not 'cmdb' When the 'create relationship/reference step' is leveraged in a pattern, the product checks if the parent and child tables satisfy certain conditions. One of the conditions is whether the tables are part of list returned from calling getCITypes(). For some users, the root is 'cmdb_ci' and not 'cmdb'. However, 'cmdb' is queried for the child and extension tables, which causes patterns to fail.



Reconciliation issues on the networking device discovery The network switch pattern throws an error message "insertion failed with error" when trying to insert the record.



The Cisco GSS create connection does not work correctly and the cluster is not created correctly The 'Could not find farm name. Assigned default farm name' warning is thrown for the GSS pattern.



The FTPClient library was added to the MID Server in order for the Azure functions pattern to perform the function code scanning



The discovery creates duplicate related CIs on the F5 load balancer record after switching to the pattern When creating a F5 using the probe and sensor and switching the classification to patterns, duplicates are created in the related lists.

Performance Analytics


In the performance dashboard's pie chart Data labels, is shown as amp;

Performance Analytics


Export to PDF on a dashboard does not work when a breakdown is applied to that dashboard


Slow performance issues on transactions and queries

Filtering using INSTANCEOF ("class is-a") on a table, which has the class pathing enabled, should have used the classpath.



The term optimization should be seperated from the upgrade The populate_term_config_xml takes over 10 hours, which can affect other users who do not want the event queue to be paused for such extended durations.



Some users are unable to activate the HR scoped application plugin (com.sn_hr_core) This applies to London OOB instances that were provisioned through the HI service catalog.




After cloning an instance and upgrading it, an unnecessary task table alter is performed which extends the upgrade duration

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Platform Security



An error message "Insufficient permission to access reports" occurs on the ESS Reports page when users have no roles When the Report Security Plugin is activated, a user with no roles is not able to access the Reports page in the ESS portal or view reports shared with them.
  1. Log in to an instance and make sure the com.glideapp.report_security plugin is not activated.
  2. To check, navigate to System Definition > Plugins and search for the plugin and make sure the status is set to inactive.
  3. Log in to an instance that does not have the com.glideapp.report_security plugin activated, and navigate to

    You can access the page.

  4. Activate the com.glideapp.report_security plugin and try to access as Joe Employee again.

The message 'Insufficient permission to access reports' occurs.

Project Management


In demo data, project and task dates are not synced
  1. Install the Project Management plugin with demo data.
  2. Look at the project and project task dates.
The project and project task dates are out of sync.

Project Management


After upgrading to London, the Project Status Portal timeline is blank
  1. Create a project with several tasks.
  2. Upgrade the instance to London.
  3. Load the Project Status Portal.
  4. Click the Timeline view.

The timeline view is blank.

Project Management


The planned end date changes for the milestone when a project/task is closed On Project Management, when a milestone is set to close complete, either directly on the task or if the parent is closed, the planned start date and planned end date are the same when saved. However, if users open the form again, a client script changes the value of the planned end date, not honoring the data on the database.

Project Management


Planning console issues after upgrading to London The Project Workbench does not open as expected. In addition, the planning console is not properly rendered and the WBS field is not hidden.



The HTTP 500 error occurs while exporting reports as a PDF
  1. Click any homepage (i.e. My Apps Development Redline).
  2. Edit any report and run the report.

    Verify you can see a chart which contains the data.

  3. Click the arrow that is next to the Save button.
  4. Select Export to PDF.

An error occurs '(HTTP Code: 500) Conversion Failed: Did not receive a success in the HTTP response.'



PDF exports show the report name as 'Chart Title' Report name on pdf is coming as "Chart Title"
  1. Navigate to Report > View/Run > Create a report.
  2. Name the report.
  3. Set the source type to table, and the table name is Incident.
  4. Select the visualization bar, select Display data table in configuration.
  5. Save the report.
  6. Export the report to PDF.

Above the chart on the PDF, the report name is 'Chart Title.'




In a multilevel pivot report, the columns header position changes/overlaps depending on the size of the condition builder when it is expanded
  1. Navigate to Reports > View/Run.
  2. Create a multilevel pivot report using the Report Designer.
  3. In the Configure section, use the following example values:
    • Select Columns: Created by
    • Select Rows: Short Description
  4. Click Run Report.
  5. Scroll down the table, both with the condition builder expanded or with it minimized.
When the condition builder is expanded, the columns header position is lower than expected.



The trend chart displays the max number of groups and other UI elements show, even though it does not support these elements These elements should not be displayed on the report designer.




When executing a Multilevel Pivot export from the report designer or report builder, the filter will not be applied
  1. Enable the WHTP plugin.
  2. Create a new multilevel pivot.
  3. Export from the Report Designer without scheduling.
  4. Check the logs.
Note that they contain an exception. Also, if there was a filter, the export does not honor it.



The report title has the report source query's condition added to it



Filter does not apply on reports after switching dashboards and then tabs Dashboards do not consistently follow interactive filters.



Unable to tell if a report is running when clicking on 'run'
  1. Open an existing report.
  2. Click Run.
The "loading report" message is not shown.




The bar report displays the same column data repeatedly

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



Export to PDF is broken when using date query conditions such as Created 'at or after' When a user creates a report with different relative queries, exporting the report to PDF does not work.
  1. Create a report with query condition such as [Created] [at or after].
  2. Ensure you have data in the report.
  3. Export the report to PDF.
The PDF is mostly blank.



Unable to export reports with Pareto visualization to JPG/PNG
  1. Navigate to Report > View/Run > Create a report.
  2. Name the report.
  3. Set the source type to table, and set the table name to Incident.
  4. Select the visualization Pareto.
  5. Save the report.
  6. Try to export the report as PNG/JPG.

A message 'Export Complete' appears, but no image is downloaded.

Resource Management



Resource managers are unable to update the resource plan or earlier dates After impersonating a resource manager and opening the resource plan, all the fields on the resource plan are read-only and cannot be edited.
  1. Create a Resource Plans by navigating to Resource Plans > Create New for yesterday or any past date.
  2. Move it to requested state by clicking Request on the top gray bar.
Expected behavior: Fields on the resource plan are editable.

Actual behavior: Impersonate a resource manager, and open the resource plan. All the fields on the resource plan are read-only and cannot be edited.

Resource Management


After upgrading to London, the resource grid does not load The message "Resource Management upgrade is in progress. Please check after sometime" is displayed.

Security Incident Response


Update links to the setup assistant documentation Within the product, there are weblinks to the setup assistant documentation on the ServiceNow docs site. These links should get updated to the correct URL.

Server Side Scripting


After upgrading to Kingston, users can no longer use a script include as a default filter An error appears: "Security restricted: Unexpected Jelly Expression -- $[sysparm_collectionID];"
  1. Save a task or open a submitted task
  2. Go to the related lists and right-click List Control.
  3. Change the default filter to: [Company] [is] $[sysparm_collectionID].
  4. Save.
  5. Go back to the task, scroll to the same related list, and click Edit.
  6. Confirm it shows [Company] [is] $[sysparm_collectionID].
  7. Insert the property 'glide.ui.jelly.initial_filter.allow' and set it to true.
  8. Repeat steps 5 and 6.

It shows [Company] [is] [some_sys_id].

Service Mapping


MID Server SystemCommand CitChanged causes slowness and HTTP 429 errors (related to PRB1201839) The default semaphore is exhausted, leaving the instance unresponsive for several minutes.

Service Mapping


The Pattern Oracle database on the Unix pattern needs improvement

Service Mapping


The new DNS lookup scheduled job should be enabled The new DNS lookup scheduled job should be enabled and changed to run once a week (on Sundays).

Service Mapping


When installing the content shipping on an instance, the script includes do not work

Service Mapping


F5 Cluster (REST) - Wrong operational status The REST API library and SSH library in the F5 top down pattern does not run because of the wrong order in the pattern.

Service Mapping


F5 discovery using SSH causes tables to reach more than 60,000 rows The F5 load balancer pattern fails after upgrading to Kingston and activating the pattern-based discovery.

Service Mapping


Extensions are not executed for patterns with an empty metadata_id
  1. Open the WebLogic Module pattern. This pattern has an empty metatdata_id.
  2. Define a new or existing extension.
  3. Run Discovery for the WebLogic Module.
  4. Due to problem, the execution of extension does not appear in the 'Pattern Log'.

Service Mapping


DB2 is not discovered in the WMB setup - Cannot change user

Service Mapping


Typo in the Tomcat pattern eval() The Step "work on default ctx" in the baseline Tomcat pattern contains a typo.

Service Mapping


The TD pattern execution should override the CI class match when there is more than one HD CI with the same fully qualified domain name (FQDN) When there is more than 1 cloud CI discovered as part of HD with the same FQDN, the TD pattern is only triggered based on the first HD CI that has been picked up.

Service Portal


Catalog search source should not show facets if there are no search results (consistent with KB search source)
  1. As a guest user, search for "email."
  2. Note the Service Catalog search source is visible to the guest user.

Service Portal


Branding Editor - When uploading image for a logo from branding editor under Quick Setup, broken image is seen The image is applied on the Theme Preview and the portal.


  • Enable the Communities Demo Data plugin.
  • Enable the Customer Service plugins.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. As admin, navigate toService Portal Configuration > Branding editor.
  2. In another tab, open the Community application.
  3. Navigate to Quick Setup > Title Logo and change the logo.

Service Portal


Adding an attachment with the icon in the Ticket Conversation widget header saves the attachment to the wrong place When adding an attachment to records in the Service Portal, using the icon in the Ticket Conversation widget header will not properly attach the item. The item will be saved to the table in the URL and not the table of the record in the ticket.

In the Service Portal:

  1. View a change record.
  2. Click the paperclip attachment icon in the ticket conversation header.
  3. Attempt to add an attachment.

    Notice the attachment appears in the conversation widget, but not in the Ticket Attachments widget on the right hand side of the screen.

  4. View the change record in the platform UI.

    Notice there is no attachment.

  5. Navigate to

The attachment is associated with the task table (the table in the URL above).

Software Asset Management


Display values for publishers and products should be used for content libraries

Software Asset Management


Discovery models with the 'New' status are not properly normalized The normalization rates for Discovery models should be as high as possible.

Tables and Dictionary


StackOverflowError can be caused by queries in v_customer_uploads or enabling DB Trace

UI Policy/Client Script


Mandatory 'List Collector' type fields are not working as expected on catalog pages Even after mandatory fields are filled, the catalog form shows the error message 'Mandatory fields not filled.'

VA-Conversation Server


Chat interaction does not properly show the case details snapshot based on what the user was requesting From Virtual Agent, the user can choose to view an existing case and then connect to the live agent. However, upon connecting to the live agent, the live agent sees a broken image with a link. Clicking on that link redirects the user to a sys_attachment record, but it cannot be viewed.

VA-Conversation Server


The domain separation live agent setup should be supported Only one global live agent setup is possible and the domain separation is not supported.

VA-Slack Adapter


Slack API changes are breaking HR input images Slack introduced a change in their API. This feature affects one of the Virtual Agent UI controls for image upload, which is used by OOB topics in the ServiceNow HR product.
  1. Create a topic which takes an input image and shows it in the output.
  2. Upload image to the topic.
The upload hangs, and the uploaded image is not shown.

Vendor Security Risk Assessment (VSRA)


Vendor Risk Assessments show an incorrect number of unanswered questions
  1. Design a vendor questionnaire with multi-choice questions dependent on each other.
  2. Log in with a vendor account and try to answer the question.
The answered question and total questions are not accurate.

Visual Task Boards


VTB filters revert back to previous filter conditions after they are changed

Open 2 separate sessions.

Session 1

  1. Create a new data driven board for the Incident table where the lane field is 'Assigned To'.
  2. Add a filter (the state is one of new and in progress).
  3. Make sure you stay in the newly created VTB and do not navigate away.

Session 2

  1. Navigate to the vtb_board.list open record for the newly created VTB.
  2. Change the filter in this record so that the state is one of new, in progress, and on hold.
  3. Save.

Session 1

From the current VTB, click one of the unassigned incidents and give it a Primary Assignee (may need to turn off UI Policies for the task and incident table). You should see the task be moved out of the current lane.

Session 2

Refresh the VTB_Board record. Notice the filter gets set back to what it was set to previously.

Other London Patch 1 information

Plugin activation updates
Admins can activate these plugins:
  • Agent Intelligence
  • Continual Improvement
  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
  • Virtual Agent CSM
  • Virtual Agent HR
  • Virtual Agent ITSM
  • Virtual Agent Platform
Agent Intelligence for Incident Management
Use the default Agent Intelligence records as templates to create Incident Management-specific solutions. This topic was updated with Agent Intelligence upgrade information for users who are upgrading from Kingston to London.
Activate guided tours
The workflow for activating guided tours was updated in London Patch 1.
Activate Virtual Agent
You can activate the Glide Virtual Agent plugin (com.glide.cs.chatbot) if you have the admin role. This plugin includes activates related plugins if they are not already active.
Domain separation and Virtual Agent

The Managed Service Provider (MSP) has one Live Agent setup record in the global domain when the instance is provisioned. The MSP can configure a separate Live Agent setup for each subdomain.

Fixes included with London Patch 1

Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.