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Reporting release notes

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Reporting release notes

ServiceNow® Reporting product enhancements and updates in the London release.

New in the London release

New dot-walking component
Report on extended table fields more easily with reworked dot-walking functionality.
Report_view access control
Restrict views of content derived from a table or views of reports with aggregated data grouped by a field specified in the ACL. Prevents users from seeing unauthorized data.
New report_user role
Assign this user role to provide access to reporting functionality and creating reports, but not sharing them.
Interactive filter enhancements
Apply filters to database views as well as to all tables in a hierarchy.

Changed in this release

Report type search
When you create a report, the Report type choice list automatically populates when you enter text. For example, if you type pivot, only Pivot table and Multilevel pivot table report types are shown.
Favorites filtering in the Reports list
When you view the Reports list, Favorites filtering is on by default. Click the Favorites filtering button to display all reports.
Remove the old Report Builder UI
The admin can remove the old Report Builder and restrict users to the new Report Designer UI for creating and editing reports.
Plotting nil vs. null data in time series reports
When creating or editing time series reports that contain multiple datasets, you can choose to have time points with missing data plotted as gaps rather than as zero values. For more information about creating time series reports that use line visualizations, see Report types and creation details.

Activation information

  • Platform feature – active by default.