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Dashboards release notes

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Dashboards release notes

ServiceNow® Dashboards product enhancements and updates in the London release.

London upgrade information

  • Responsive dashboards are enabled by default on new instances. On upgrading instances, responsive canvas must be enabled by an administrator.

New in the London release

Responsive dashboard enhancements
Functionality for sharing dashboards improved. The default message that is sent when you share a dashboard is clearer. Dashboard sharing uses standard platform notifications, so you can modify default email notification content and styling. In addition, you can personalize the message or choose not to send the invitation email at all when, for example, you share a dashboard regularly. For more information, see Share a responsive dashboard.
Dashboard styling and visualization options improved, including the ability to hide widget headers and change the colors of the dashboard background, widget header, and widget title. For more information, see Configure widget layouts.
Dashboard_admin role added
Users with the dashboard_admin role have full view, edit, delete, and share privileges on all dashboards in the instance, including inactive dashboards.
Dashboard Tab Management
The application checks if a tab is linked to another dashboard when a user tries to delete it.
Users can no longer edit or delete tabs that they do not own.
Deleting a dashboard also deletes related tabs if they are not used anywhere else. For more information, see Manage responsive dashboards.
Dashboards Overview enhancements
  • The sysparm_group parameter added so that users can pre-select the dashboard group in the URL of the Dashboards Overview. For more information, see Dashboard group URL parameter.
  • Tooltips with explanations and field names added to the elements of each card in the Dashboards Overview.
  • Dashboard group picker added to Dashboards Overview.
  • Inactive dashboards are only visible on the Dashboard Overview page and in the dashboard picker to the dashboard owner and to administrators.