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Use form pane tabs in UI15

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Use form pane tabs in UI15

When using the split screen feature, you can open multiple forms in the form pane. Form pane tabs are available in UI15 only.

About this task

Form pane tabs appear above the form header. The current tab is highlighted.

Figure 1. Form pane tabs
Form pane tabs


  1. View a list in the content frame, for example, the Incident list.
  2. Click the List and Form View button on the Edge to split the screen.
    The list is displayed in the list pane on the left and an empty form pane with a new highlighted tab is displayed on the right.
  3. Select an incident record in the list pane to display the incident in the highlighted tab.
    The incident number appears in the tab at the top of the form pane.
  4. Click the + tab to add a tab to the form pane.
    The new tab is added to the right of the current tabs and has the generic name New Tab until you select another incident from the list pane.
  5. To remove a tab, select the tab to be deleted and click the x.