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Form context menu

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Form context menu

The form context menu provides controls based on the table and user access rights. Administrators can customize some of the options available on a context menu using UI actions.

Access the form context menu by clicking an icon beside the form title or by right-clicking the form header (Context menu icon).

Figure 1. UI16 form context menu
UI16 form context menu

The form context menu includes the following options.

Note: Some of the options displayed on the form context menu depend on the user role, installed applications, and version of the UI.
Table 1. Form context menu options
Option Description
Save Saves changes without leaving the form view.
Related actions Provides standard actions in the form context menu for some tables, such as Add to Visual Task Board or Create Change in incident.
Insert Saves the data as a new record and returns to the previously viewed page..
Insert and Stay Saves and displays the new record. For more information about inserting records, see Edit a form.
Configure Provides administrative functions, such as configuring forms.
Toggle Template Bar (UI15 only) Shows or hides the template bar. For more information, see Toggle the template bar.
Export Exports data to PDF. Administrators can also export to XML. For more information, see Export data.
View Changes fields to a predefined layout. Switching views submits the form, which saves all changes. Administrators can customize views.
Create Favorite (UI16 only) Adds the current record to your favorites list, represented by a star icon on the tab.
Assign Tag (UI15 only) Allows the user to assign a new or existing tag to a record, which provides quick access to frequently referenced or urgent information. When tag is assigned to a record, the record is displayed on the Tagged Documents page. For more information, see Tags.
Copy URL Copies to the clipboard the URL for the form view of the record. Follow browser instructions if browser security measures restrict this function.
Copy sys_id Administrators only. Copies to the clipboard the sys_id of the record. Follow browser instructions if browser security measures restrict this function.
Show XML Administrators only. Displays record data in XML format.
History Administrators only. Displays audit history for the record, which must be enabled for the table. For more information, see Enable auditing for a table.
Reload Form Reloads information from the database to refresh the form view.