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Configure auto-launch for guided tours

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Configure auto-launch for guided tours

Configure one or more tours to launch automatically when a user lands on a page.

Before you begin

Role required: guided_tour_admin and embedded_help_admin, or admin

About this task

You can choose to configure auto-launch for any guided tour starting page. Choose this option if you want to ensure that users take the tour on their first page visit.


  1. Navigate to Embedded Help > Guided Tour Designer > Configure Auto Launch.
    The Configure Auto Launch page appears, showing tiles for each page on which one or more tours are configured. You can filter the tiles by part or all of the page name, and sort the tiles by name, or by the most recently edited tours.
  2. Select a tile that represents the page where you want a tour to launch automatically.
    Configure the auto-launch page with filtered and sorted results
    The tour for the page appears as a row on the Configure Auto Launch screen.
    Show users a tour in draft status with auto-launch disabled
    You can enable or disable auto-launch on the tour whether it is in draft or published status. When you enable auto-launch:
    • Tours in published status launch automatically when users access the starting page associated with the tour.
    • Tours in draft status do not launch automatically. When a tour in draft state is configured for auto-launch and is published later on, it starts auto-launching.
  3. Click the Auto Launch toggle so it switches to the right.
    Show users a tour in draft status with auto-launch enabled
    The toggle color changes to green, indicating auto-launch is enabled on the tour. If you want to disable auto-launch, switch the toggle to the left.
  4. Configure auto-launch for more than one tour on a page.
    If you have more than one tour enabled on a page, they appear as additional rows. For further context on multiple pages, see Guided tour advice.

    Show users tours with auto-launch enabled, disabled, published, and in draft

    1. Repeat steps 2–3 for additional tours that you want to enable for auto-launch. The tours move to the top of the list in the order that you enable them.
    2. Drag rows to reorder the tours so they appear in the order you want users to see when they visit the page successive times. For example, the first tour may provide an overview of a page while the second tour guides the user through a specific task.
    When users access a page that has a guided tour enabled for auto-launch, the tour begins immediately. If they stop the tour by clicking the X icon on a tour step, a message appears that provides them the option to stop both the current tour and other tours from auto-launching the next time they access the page.
    Show how end users can stop a tour from launching on a page
    Show how end users can stop all tours from launching on a page