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Activate guided tours

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Activate guided tours

Use this task to enable guided tours for Service Portal pages as well as the standard platform UI.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

The Guided Tour Designer was first introduced in the Jakarta release. For new instances created in Jakarta and beyond, guided tours are active by default. For instances originating from pre-Jakarta, guided tours are inactive by default.

With the London release, you can also enable guided tours to run on Service Portal pages. When you upgrade your instance to London, the following results occur.
  • For instances that are new in London, the Guided Tours for Service Portal feature is active by default.
  • For pre-London instances that you upgrade to London, the Guided Tours for Service Portal feature is inactive by default.

Use the following steps to enable one or both of these features.

Note: The Service Portal application provides a framework that enables you to customize your portal user experience. It interacts with parts of the system so that your users can access specific platform features presented in a custom context. You can create a guided tour for a Service Portal page to further enrich that experience by guiding your users through its content step by step.


  1. Enter sys_properties.list in the application navigator and press Return.
    The System Properties list appears.
  2. Enter com.snc.guided_tours in the Name search box and press Return.
  3. Set the com.snc.guided_tours.standard_ui.enable property to True.
    This property enables guided tours across the instance, and is required to build tours that run on the standard platform UI.
  4. Set the com.snc.guided_tours.sp.enable property to True.
    This property only controls guided tours that run on Service Portal pages.
    You can create and publish tours for standard UI pages regardless of this property setting.
  5. Click Update.


You can create, update, and play guided tours that reference both standard platform UI elements and tours that reference custom UI elements on a Service Portal page. Your end users can play these tours.

What to do next

Start planning, outlining, and drafting your guided tours. If you are drafting Service Portal guided tours, keep the following in mind.
Item Details
Guided tour callout steps Guided tours must be able to recognize every element that they point to so they can locate it after a callout step is created on the element. Therefore, Service Portal page creators must ensure that every custom element they create has a unique name to help validate it as a record in the database. For example, if you create two widgets on a Service Portal page, you must assign them unique names, such as Widget1 and Widget2.

You can customize the elements further by appending additional attributes to the HTML and unique values to their properties. For example, the system currently uses data-gtd-eid and data-id attributes to identify the elements as unique.

Service Portal pages

In the base system, tours can only be manually launched from pages that use the SP Header Menu. Manually launched tours do not display on pages with custom header menus.

If your guided tour is on a Service Portal page that does not use the SP Header Menu, you must configure your tour for auto-launch so the tour is visible to your users. See Configure auto-launch for guided tours.

If your Service Portal uses Page Route Maps, tours may not show when expected. For example, you may not see a tour when expected if the tour is configured for a redirected page. For more information, see Redirect a reference to a Page ID .

Service Portal branding When you update the branding for a Service Portal page, the callouts in the guided tour for that page also update accordingly. For example: You update your Service Portal panel background theme color to yellow, and its primary color to red. Result: Your guided tour callout panel background becomes yellow and the callout text field becomes red.
Service Portal guided tour callout colors
You can customize your guided tour callout colors or use the guided tour defaults.
Default Custom
Guided tour callouts use the following Service Portal properties: To explicitly set callout color independently of the Service Portal colors, the following CSS variables may be applied:
Callout background color: Service Portal Panel background color $gtd-callout-background
Callout text color: Service Portal text color $gtd-callout-content-color
Callout number color (Example: 2/5): Service Portal text muted $gtd-callout-number-color
Callout close button (X) color: Service Portal text muted $gtd-callout-close-color
Callout primary button color: Service Portal primary button background color $gtd-callout-active-color