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Guided tours dashboard

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Guided tours dashboard

Guided tour administrators can use the Guided Tours Overview dashboard to review statistics related to guided tour usage. Navigate to Embedded Help > Guided Tour Designer > Guided Tours Overview > .

Overall Statistics tab

This tab shows three single-score widgets, two bar charts, and a heatmap.
Table 1. Overall Statistics tab
Widget Type Description
Users Single Score The number of users who have taken guided tours.
Sessions Single Score How many guided tours have been taken
Avg. Session Duration (sec) Single Score The average duration of a tour before completion, dismissal, or failure.
Overall Tour Completion Horizontal Bar The number of completed, dismissed, and failed tours.
Top 10 Tour Completions Horizontal Bar The top ten tours that have been completed measured by number of completions
Top Watched Pages Heatmap The top 10 pages on which users have taken guided tours sorted by completions, dismissals, and failures.

Tour Statistics tab

This tab contains a list of tours sorted by context. The Tour Statistics list has the following columns:
Table 2. Tour statistics list
Column Description
Context The name of the UI page on which the tour starts.
Tour The name of the tour. A context can contain multiple tours. The list contains an entry for each time an individual tour was run.
Last Status How the tour ended. Possible values are:
  • Completed
  • Dismissed
  • Failed
User The user name of the user who took the tour.
Session Duration How long the user stayed in the tour, measured in seconds. This measurement includes completion of the tour, dismissal of the tour by the user, and failure (if something goes wrong in the tour).