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Guided Tour Designer interface

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Guided Tour Designer interface

The Guided Tour Designer (GTD) is a simplified way to create a guided tour. You can drag a callout to the element, and enter the step instructions and trigger in one step. You can test the steps as you build them, and modify them as needed.

Note: The Guided Tour Designer is only available in UI16. The designer is not compatible with UI15. For more information, see Activate UI16.
The GTD has the following features:
Figure 1. GTD interface
GTD interface with description callouts
Guided tour actions (A)
The icons on the upper right are used to perform the following actions.
  • Copy a link to the tour so you can share it with another user, such as a tester.
  • Dock or undock the steps panel. This action is useful if your tour is for a wide page, such as a dashboard or a list view.
Callouts (B)
When you build a tour, select each callout based on the direction it is pointing. The point must touch the element you are assigning it to.
Steps (C)
The numbers of the steps are colored or not based on whether they appear on the current page. In this example, Step 1 takes place on the Delegates list view. The instance is fully interactive. To change the first step, you can click the back arrow on the upper left and open the list view where the step appears.
Note: Do not put more than one interaction with a field in a step. Each step should describe or provide an interaction with just one field or other object.
Step interaction (D)
As pictured, when you point to a step, its corresponding number in the page is enlarged. Click the step to edit the text or change the trigger. Drag it to a different position as needed. Click the (-) icon to delete it.

If you make a mistake with a step, such as pointing it to the wrong element, you must delete it. Then you can add it with the correct information and drag it into place.

Tour action buttons (E)
Click Exit to close the GTD. The browser tab or window closes and changes you made are automatically saved.

Click Play to open the instance and designated UI page in a new browser tab or window and proceed through the steps. When you finish, close the tab or window to return to the GTD.