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Guided Tour Designer accessibility

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Guided Tour Designer accessibility

The Guided Tour Designer has accessibility features so that users can design tours using screen readers and keyboard navigation.

For the most part, accessibility functionality is the same for the Guided Tour Designer accessibility is the same as platform accessibility. See Accessibility features.

Use the Guided Tour Designer with accessibility enabled

The Guided Tour Designer has extended the accessibility features of the ServiceNow platform.

Before you begin

Role required: guided_tour_admin and embedded_help_admin, or admin

About this task

Note: The Guided Tour Designer is only available in UI16. The designer is not compatible with UI15. For more information, see Activate UI16.


  1. If accessibility features are not enabled, navigate to User Administration > User Preferences and enable the preference glide.ui.accessibility.
  2. Navigate to Application > Module.
  3. Navigate to Embedded Help > Guided Tour Designer > Create Tour.
  4. Tab to the Tour Name field and enter a unique name for the guided tour.
  5. Tab to the Application Page Name field. Enter part of the name to open a list of pages to scroll through and choose from.
  6. Tab to the Roles this tour is for slushbucket and use skip links to select roles.
  7. Click Create.
    The selected application page opens in the Guided Tour Designer.
  8. Tab to the field you want to add a step to. Tab again and then press Enter to open the Editing window for the Guided tour step.
    The editing window has the following features:
    • An icon for placing the callout. Press Enter to open a list to choose the callout's placement. Only viable callout locations are enabled.
    • The number of the guided tour step and how many steps have been created. When you create your first step this is step 1/1.
    • A text box to instruct the user what to do at this step.
    • A choice list to select the trigger. Only triggers that you can use for the selected element appear in the list.
    • Cancel and Save buttons.
  9. Continue adding steps until you have completed the tour.
    The tour is saved as you save each step.

What to do next

Tab to the panel on the right side to edit the name of the tour, copy the tour's URL, and rearrange the tour's steps.