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Create a smartphone map page module

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Create a smartphone map page module

You can create a custom smartphone module that links directly to a map page.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Obtain the sys_id of the map page.
    The sys_id is required when you create the module.
  2. Navigate to System Mobile UI > Navigator Apps.
  3. Open the application menu where you want the new module to appear.
  4. In the Modules related list, click New.
  5. Complete the form, as appropriate.
    Field Description
    Name Enter a name for the module.
    Order Enter a number to specify the order of the module within the application menu. For example, an entry of 100 would place this module before one with an Order entry of 200.
    Application menu Select the application menu where you want this module to appear. By default, this field displays the application menu that you opened to create the module.
    Table Do not select a table.
    Updated Displays the date and time when the module record is updated.
    Roles Select the roles that are permitted to access this module. If this field is blank, all roles can access the module.
    Active Select the check box to activate this module. Only active modules appear in the application menu.
    Filter Do not add a filter condition.
    Path Enter map/ followed by the sys_id of the map page. For example: map/c86c5feac0a80a6600706f0102968196
  6. Click Submit.