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Overview help pages

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Overview help pages

The overview help feature included with the base system displays slides with introductory information on new features offered in the ServiceNow® platform. An administrator can hide the option from the help menu.

To learn about the latest features in your version, click the What's New link in the UI16 help sidebar.

Figure 1. Overview help link
Overview help link

The Overview Help Page [sys_ui_overview_help] table contains the records for each panel that appears, including images, icons, descriptions, and condition statements that control display. By default, the instance displays panels describing notable features of the current release, but users can modify this page to display panels for customized features in their own instance and then define who can see these panels.

Users scroll through the panels by clicking the buttons provided or by clicking the directional arrows at the bottom of the page, depending on how the page was configured.

Note: Administrators can edit the default help page to modify, add, or delete existing panels from this page to match the features in your system.
Figure 2. Overview help slide
Overview help slide

Hide the What's New option

Administrators can hide the What's New option using a system property.

To find the property, type sys_properties.list in the application navigator. Find the glide.product.show_what_is_new property and change the value to false.

Figure 3. What's New option hidden
Help panel open with the What's New option hidden