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Set your custom URL as the instance URL

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Set your custom URL as the instance URL

Add a custom URL to your instance configuration to use instead of your ServiceNow designated URL.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

You must have purchased or registered a URL before adding the custom URL to your instance.


  1. Navigate to Custom URL > Custom URLs.
    • Click New to associate a new domain name.
    • Choose a custom URL to set as your instance.
  2. Fill in the appropriate fields:
    Domain Name Fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the custom URL.
    Note: If the custom URL is '', enter '' as the FQDN.
    Is Instance URL Checking this box enables this custom URL for all outbound URLs. Only one active custom URL can be the instance URL. To enable this setting, click the 'Set as Instance URL' button on an active custom URL. This setting activates the chosen custom URL and removes any other custom URL previously set.
    Status Status of the custom URL record. Once the status shows as 'Active', the custom URL is provisioned and ready to use.
    [Optional] Service Portal Choose the service portal to redirect users when they access your instance using the custom URL.
    A custom URL should activate within six hours. Polling for custom URL job completion occurs every 30 minutes.
    Note: There is a poll button for manual polling an in-progress custom URL job.