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Associating custom URLs to your instance

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Associating custom URLs to your instance

You can enable your ServiceNow instance to be accessible from a company-branded or custom URL.

You can configure one or multiple custom URLs to your instance, and configure your custom URL to service portal mapping.
Note: Custom URLs are not available for on-premise customers.
When you configure a custom URL to a DNS subdomain, you must be the owner of the top-level domain (TLD) to use the TLD or any subdomain as a custom URL. For example, your instance might have the following designated URL and additional custom URLs:
Table 1. Example custom URLs
Example URLs Usage The initial domain name for Acme that came with the ServiceNow instance. A custom URL that associates to your ServiceNow instance. This URL is referred to as an alias (CNAME) of the initial domain name. A secondary custom URL that associates to a service portal on your instance. Your instance can support multiple custom URLs to the same service portal.

Custom URL considerations outside of your instance

Before you can associate a custom URL, you must own (or purchase) a URL through a domain provider. There are specific configurations which must be done before you can create the custom URL on your instance:
Table 2. Custom URL configurations
Configuration items Description
Set the CNAME with the provider The CNAME record must be set as the ServiceNow instance URL.
[Optional] Establish a CAA record If you are using certificates, a CAA record must be set with a certificate provider. This record must be set to
Note: Currently, ServiceNow only uses to issue SSL certificates for the custom URLs added to the instance.
Determine your dedicated VIP status Your ServiceNow instance must be on a dedicated VIP. Contact ServiceNow support for any issues.