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The unique record identifier (sys_id)

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The unique record identifier (sys_id)

Each record in the instance is identified by a unique 32-character GUID (Globally Unique ID) called a Sys ID (sys_id). There are various ways to obtain the sys_id of a record.

The same sys_id value is never generated twice, which ensures that every record created in every table in every instance in the world has a unique identifier. If two records have the same sys_id value, then one was copied to the other at the database level outside of the Now Platform. When created within the application, sys_id values are unique. The Now Platform and database should manage all operations on sys_id values.

Note: A sys_id of -1 is the sys_id of a new record. Once the record is inserted, it will be given a new sys_id.
Note: The sys_id is not meant to show as a field on a form or as a column in a list. To learn more, see the Users are unable to add the sys_id field to a form or list view [KB0690876] article in the HI Knowledge Base.

Get the sys_id from the header bar

Users can locate the sys_id of a record using the header bar.

  1. Navigate to the record.
  2. Right click the header bar and select Copy URL.

    The sys_id is inside of the URL, after the parameter sys_id=. For example, the following is a URL for an Incident:

    https://<instance name>

    Therefore the sys_id is 9d385017c611228701d22104cc95c371.

Get the sys_id from a script

Users can locate the sys_id of a record using a script.

  • The sys_id value of a record can be found in a business rule (or any other server-side JavaScript) by dot-walking from the GlideRecord.
    var id = current.sys_id;
  • The sys_id of a record can be found in client-side JavaScript using g_form.getUniqueValue() as shown in the following example.
    function onLoad() {
        var incSysid = g_form.getUniqueValue();

Get the sys_id from the URL

Users can locate the sys_id of a record by viewing the URL.

About this task

Since the sys_id of a record is always part of the URL for a link to that record, it is possible to retrieve the sys_id by viewing the URL.


View the sys_id in the information bar of the browser by hovering over a link to the record.
For example, an Incident with the following URL: https://<instance name>, has this sys_id: 23dc968f0a0a3c1900534f399927740e.
Example sys_id