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View timeline of changes to related records

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View timeline of changes to related records

On the timeline of changes for a CI record, you can also view a timeline of changes for the CI's related records.

Before you begin

  • Role required: admin
  • Target table: the CI record must be in the Configuration Item [cmdb_ci] table or a descendant of this table.
  • Auditing: must be enabled for the table containing the CI.


  1. Open the timeline for the CI.
  2. Click the Related Records icon and select related records from the List of Related Records to view. Click the Related Records icon again to display the related records timeline.


The timeline of changes to the CI's related records is displayed right above the CI's timeline. If you uncheck all related records, the related records timeline is hidden.

What to do next

Hover over a change bubble on the related records timeline to display details about the change, such as date and number of changed properties. As you change the time interval in focus, or zoom in or out, it affects both the CI timeline and the related records timeline simultaneously.