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Use the translate and learn property

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Use the translate and learn property

The glide.translate.learn system property, when set to true, creates records in the translate tables when an instance encounters text that should be translated, but no corresponding record exists. You can use this property to help locate untranslated strings.

Note: Using this method hampers the use of the exporting untranslated strings method.

For example: A user switches to the French language and opens a record. When loading the form, the instance looks at the Translated Field table to find the French translation for each field. If an appropriate translation record is not found, the instance automatically generates a stub record for that missing data, which can be manually translated.

The following HR application is missing translations for two modules:

Figure 1. HR application missing translations
HR missing translations

The suffix [fr] indicates that there is a French translation missing. Because translation prefixes are enabled, the prefix TRF: indicates that the entry can be found in the Translated Name / Fields table. The following image shows untranslated modules, located using the filter [Label (translate)] [contains] [fr]:

Figure 2. Example untranslated modules
Untranslated modules