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Administer translated text fields

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Administer translated text fields

There is a slight performance penalty associated with changing a normal HTML or text field into a translated HTML or text field. It is best only to use translated fields if the translated capability is required.

English language text is stored in the master table, but the values of other are stored in the sys_translated_text table. Each translated field on every row has one or more entries in the sys_translated_text, one per language for which ServiceNow provides a translation.

Key Fields in the Translated Text [sys_translated_text] Table:

  • tablename -- the table to which this translation belongs, e.g., problem
  • fieldname -- the field to which this translation belongs, e.g., workaround
  • documentkey -- the sys_id of the row to which this translation belongs, e.g., the sys_id of PRB00008
  • language -- the two character ISO language code to which this translation belongs