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Use list controls in hierarchical lists

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Use list controls in hierarchical lists

By default, no related list tabs are visible in a hierarchical list and only a single related list is displayed at a time. The column headers are hidden by default.

Before you begin

Role required: none

About this task

Note: Hierarchical lists are not supported in List v3.


  1. To select a different related list, click the link in the list title.
  2. Select a list from the menu.
    Select a different related list

    If the related list is empty, the hierarchical list indicates that there are no records to display.

    The platform remembers this preference and displays the last selected related list for each table when you open another hierarchical list within that table.
  3. To display column headers in the related list, click the show/hide headers icon in the upper right corner of the hierarchical list.
    Enable a column header
    The platform remembers this preference and opens all hierarchical lists with column headers enabled until the headers are hidden.