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Administer detail rows

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Administer detail rows

Detail rows provide additional information about records in a list.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

To display detail rows, an administrator must enable them globally and add them to lists.
Note: Detail rows are supported in UI15 and up. Detail rows are not supported in List v3.


  1. To enable detail rows, add a new system property with the following field values.
    Name glide.ui.list.detail_row
    Type true | false
    Value true
  2. To add detail rows to a list, complete the following steps.
    1. Add the detail_row dictionary attribute to the table.
      Specify the name of the field to display in the following format: detail_row=short_description
    2. Use the all_tables element descriptor with the detail_row attribute to display detail rows for all child tables that contain the designated field.
      For example, all_tables.detail_row=short_description is on the Task [task] table by default, so the short description detail row appears in lists for Incident [incident], Problem [problem], and other child tables unless you set detail_row to a different field for each one.