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Enable a field type for normalization or transformation

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Enable a field type for normalization or transformation

Create or modify a normalization field type record to enable a specific field data type for use with normalization or transformation.

About this task

To normalize or transform a value in a reference field, apply the processing to the field in the target table.


  1. Navigate to Field Normalization > Administration > Normalization Field Types.
  2. Click New in the record list.
  3. Enter a Name for the field type that clearly describes the type in the dictionary.
    This value is for reference only and is not used in any processing. For example, you might enter IP Address for the field type of ip_address.
  4. Enter the Type from the dictionary.
  5. Select the appropriate check box to use this field type to normalize or transform fields.
    In the base system, only the String field type is used for normalization.
  6. Right-click in the header bar and select Save from the choice list.
    The Transform Categories Related List appears.
  7. If this field type is being used for transforms, click Edit to associate an existing Transform Category with this field type.
    Note: If you create a custom field type that is used for normalizations only, a link to a transform category is not necessary.

    The relationship of a field type to a category, and the category to a list of transformation definitions, is completely configurable.

    The String field type is associated with the Text Transform Category, which contains these transform definitions. Any of these associations are configurable.

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