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Apply aliases

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Apply aliases

After testing, aliases can be normalized in all new records or in existing records when they are updated.

About this task

Each time an alias is created for a normal value, a data job is created. The alias is not applied to values in the entire database until its data job is started manually. Run each job separately or run the jobs together to apply all aliases at once.


  1. In a normalization record, ensure that the Mode is set to Active.

    Data jobs cannot run in the Test mode.

  2. Click the Normal value related list.
  3. Select a value from list.
  4. In the Normal Value record, select the Data Jobs related list.

    A data job is listed for each alias configured for this normal value.

  5. Run the extant data jobs to replace the aliases with the normal value in all existing records in the database.
    1. Select the check box next to a job, and then select Start from the Actions menu.
    2. To run all data jobs at once, select all the check boxes, and then select the Start action.
    3. Refresh the list to check the progress of the data jobs to ensure that they complete normally.