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Target threshold colors attribute

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Target threshold colors attribute

If the target_field attribute is configured, a second attribute called target_threshold_colors enables an administrator to define additional parameters.

The parameters are:
  • Different thresholds at which the colored bar should change color
  • A specific color for each threshold

The format of this attribute's value is number1:color1;number2:color2 and so on. Use this attribute to apply warning colors to completion percentages that are lower than target percentages. These values are defined as the percentage of target accomplished. For example, a value of 0:red;50:yellow;90:green displays a red bar if the progress to target pecentage is between 0-49. If the percent of target is between 50 and 89, the color is yellow. Percent of target 90 and above displays in green. Completion percentages that exceed target percentages also display in green. Order the color attributes from the smallest percentage to the largest.

If you do not specify a target_field, then a target of 100 is used, allowing you to use the color thresholds with a single field value.
The following table lists examples of percent of target calculation using the colors defined above.
Table 1. Target threshold colors attribute
Target percent Percent field value Percent of target calculation Color
100 40 40% tomato
65 59 90.7% lightgreen
15 10 66.7% khaki
Figure 1. Percent complete color example

Add a target field attribute

Add an optional attribute (target_field) to a percent complete field to compare the actual completion percentage of a task or project with a target percentage in a different decimal field that specifies where the task should be at this point.

Before you begin

Role required: personalize_dictionary

About this task

If a target field is not specified, the target of 100 is assumed.


  1. Right-click the % Complete field in a form.
  2. Select Configure Dictionary from the pop-up menu.
  3. In the Dictionary Entry form, add the following attribute:
  4. Update the dictionary record.
    In the list, a gray bar appears behind the colored bar to indicate the target value. The gray target bar appears only if you defined a target field.
    Percent complete