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Show ACL execution plan

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Show ACL execution plan

Administrators can view how ACLs relate to each other by viewing an execution plan for any ACL in the instance.

Before you begin

Role required: security_admin


  1. Elevate to a privileged role.
  2. Open an ACL that is a record-type ACL.
  3. Click Show ACL Execution Plan.

    The security rules window appears for the ACL.

    An ACL execution plan
    Table 1. ACL execution plan window
    UI item Description
    Title The name of the ACL.
    Tab name If the ACL is create, read, write, or delete.
    Row level Row-level ACLs that run on this table.
    Field level Field-level ACLs that run only on this field (or column in the table).
  4. Click Show all to show all related ACLs, including those ACLs that are overridden and generic ACLs that apply to all records. Overridden ACLs have a line through the name and generic ACLs have the wildcard character asterisk (*) for the name.
  5. Click Show Effective to show only the immediate ACLs related to the one you are viewing. This action hides the ACLs on tables from which the ACL table is extended and the generic wildcard (*) ACLs.