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Set up text analytics

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Set up text analytics

Select the text fields to analyze and which indicators to analyze.

Before you begin

Text analytics relies on specific steps in the data collection jobs. The Collect parameter in the relevant jobs must be set to collect text analytics. A job is relevant if it collects data for the same indicators that are subject to text analysis. See Create or schedule a data collection job.

Role required: pa_power_user or pa_admin


  1. Navigate to Text Analytics > Setup Fields.
    • To create a new text analytics configuration, click New.
    • To edit an existing text analytics configuration, click the information icon in that row and select Open record. Clicking the indicator source name opens the record for that indicator source, not the text analytics configuration.
  2. Select the Indicator source whose input text you want to analyze.
  3. Unlock Fields to analyze and select the fields whose input text you want to analyze.
    You must select at least one field. Usually you want to include the Short description field.
  4. (Optional) Select Use system stop words to include the Zing stop words.
    Selected by default. The Zing global stop words apply to the indicator source. If you do not use the Zing stop words, you must select all stop words yourself.
  5. Save the text index configuration.
    The Indicators related list appears at the bottom of the form.
  6. In the Indicators list, click Edit and select the indicators to analyze from the slushbucket.
  7. Run a relevant historical data collection job to collect initial data.
    You may be able to run a job from this form, or you may have to run a historical data collection job. See the next topic for details.