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Using breakdowns on dashboards

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Using breakdowns on dashboards

You can add breakdown sources to a dashboard. Users then can select a breakdown element to filter data in the Performance Analytics widgets that have been added to the dashboard.

For example, a dashboard that uses the breakdown source Incident.Category enables users to select a category from the list. After this selection, all the Performance Analytics widgets on the dashboard that are configured to follow dashboard elements are filtered by that category value.


For the element to apply to a Performance Analytics widget on the dashboard, the Follow element option must be selected in that widget configuration.

Pivot widgets (Heatmaps) do not support the Follow Element function. Dashboard breakdowns cannot apply to these widgets.

Figure 1. Breakdown dashboard
Dashboard with a breakdown applied

Add a breakdown to a dashboard

To enable users to filter Performance Analytics widgets on a dashboard by breakdown element, add breakdown sources to the dashboard.

Before you begin

Role required: pa_admin, pa_power_user, or admin

About this task

After you add breakdown sources to a dashboard, all enabled Performance Analytics widgets can be filtered by the elements of those breakdown sources. To enable a widget, selected Follow element in that widget configuration. To change this setting while editing the dashboard, click the pencil at the top right of the widget. The Widget Configuration form appears and you can change the setting.

If you did not select Follow element for a widget, that widget does not follow a breakdown applied to the dashboard.

If the dashboard uses a breakdown source which is used by more than one breakdown, set Follow breakdown in the widget configurations and specify which breakdown the widget will use. For example, the breakdowns Opened by, Requested by, Requested for, and Assigned to use the Users.Active breakdown source. If you add the Users.Active source to a dashboard, set Follow breakdown and select the relevant breakdown for each of the widgets that you have on that dashboard. This option does not affect the ability to filter by elements of any of the other breakdown sources you have configured the dashboard to use.


  1. Navigate to the relevant list of dashboards.
  2. Open the dashboard that you want to add a breakdown source to.
  3. Click Edit in the Breakdown Source related list.
  4. Move the breakdown sources you want to apply to the Breakdown Source List.
  5. Click Save.


The breakdown sources are applied to the dashboard. Users can select elements from these sources on the dashboard.

Same breakdown on widget and dashboard

If a widget uses the same breakdown as the dashboard, the dashboard breakdown does not apply.

When you design a widget, you can specify up to two levels of breakdown to apply to that widget. Then you can add that widget to a dashboard, including a breakdown dashboard. If one of the breakdowns for the dashboard is the same as one of the breakdowns of the widget, that dashboard breakdown does not affect the widget. The behavior for that breakdown is the same as though Follow element was disabled for this widget.

If you add to a dashboard a breakdown-type widget with interactive breakdown selection, this limitation does not fully apply. When the user selects the same breakdown on the widget and on the dashboard, the dashboard breakdown is ignored. However, when the user selects any other combination of widget and dashboard breakdowns, both breakdowns apply.
Figure 2. Widget with interactive breakdown selection on a breakdown dashboard
A breakdown widget on a breakdown dashboard, first with the same breakdown selected, then with a different breakdown selected

Showing breakdown relations on dashboards

A breakdown widget can display 1st level breakdown elements that are related to the element selected for the dashboard. The widget must be on a breakdown dashboard, and that dashboard must include the breakdown sources of the related breakdowns.

Consider an indicator such as Number of open incidents. This indicator uses the Location breakdown. The Location breakdown has three breakdown relations between its own elements. For an element of Location, these relations are:
  • Parent Locations, whose Sys ID value is in the Parent field of other Location elements.
  • Child Locations, which have the Sys ID value of another Location element in their Parent fields.
  • Sibling Locations, consisting of Location elements who share the same value in the Parent field.
Figure 3. Breakdown relations between elements of Location
The three breakdown relations of the Location breakdown
Now consider a widget that displays the Number of open incidents indicator scores grouped by Location. You set the widget to follow an element selected in a breakdown dashboard. Now you must select which of the breakdown relations to follow.
Figure 4. Setting up widget to show elements by breakdown relation
Form for creating a breakdown widget with a scorecard visualization showing the choice of breakdown relations to follow
Warning: The Followed breakdown relation menu works only when the Scorecard visualization is selected. To allow the user to follow breakdown relations with other visualizations, select Show visualization selector on the widget form.

You select Child Locations. Now you put the widget in a breakdown dashboard that uses the Locations breakdown source. Locations is the breakdown source of the Location breakdown, so on the dashboard you can select any of the elements of Location. You select EMEA, and the widget shows the locations that have EMEA as a parent.

Figure 5. A widget on a breakdown dashboard showing the children of the dashboard element
A widget on a breakdown dashboard showing the child locations of the EMEA group
You can go down more levels, to "grandchild" and "great-grandchild" elements. For example, here the location of Germany is selected:
Figure 6. Breakdown widget with a child of EMEA selected
Breakdown widget with Germany selected, showing its child elements
If you edit the widget to display the Parent Location instead of the Child Locations and select Germany on the dashboard again, you see the parent location of Germany.
Figure 7. Breakdown widget showing the parent of the dashboard element
A widget on a breakdown dashboard showing the sibling locations of the EMEA group