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Share a responsive dashboard

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Share a responsive dashboard

Share a dashboard with other users to create a shared view of data that you can use to collaborate. You can give other users viewing rights or both viewing and editing rights.

Before you begin

  • Users can share dashboards that they own with other groups and users.
  • Only users with the admin, pa_admin, or pa_power_user role can share dashboards with other roles.
  • Users with the pa_admin or pa_power_user role can share dashboards that they can edit.
  • Users with the admin role can share any dashboard they can access.

About this task

In general, when you share a dashboard, you are not granting permission to the widgets on that dashboard. Most Performance Analytics widgets, however, inherit view ACLs from the dashboards where they have been added. If you can view a dashboard, you can see the Performance Analytics widgets on that dashboard.
Note: Performance Analytics List widgets do not show the indicators that you do not have permission to read. While the dashboard permission applies to the Performance Analytics list widget as a whole, individual indicators in that list follow the permissions for those indicators.


  1. Navigate to Self-Service > Dashboards or Performance Analytics > Dashboards.
  2. Select the dashboard that you want to share from the dashboard picker on the top left.
  3. Click the Sharing icon (Sharing icon) to open the Share panel.
  4. Click Add groups and users (Add Users and Groups icon). Users who have the admin, pa_admin, or pa_power_user roles can also share the dashboard with other roles.
  5. Start typing the name in the To field.
  6. Select a user, group, or role from the list that is shown.
  7. From the Recipients list, select Can view or Can edit to specify the permissions the user, group, or role has on the dashboard.
    Sharing window with two recipients selected, the knowledge_admin role selected, and the Recipients Can view menu item selected.
    Note: To edit a shared dashboard, a user must be in the same domain as the dashboard. Sharing a dashboard with write access (Can edit) does not change that. The Can edit sharing option works only if the dashboard is shared with a user in the same domain as the dashboard. For more information, see Domain separation in Dashboards.
  8. (Optional) Clear the Send an email invitation check box.
    You can choose not to send an email message. For example, if the recipients are already aware the dashboard has been shared with them.
  9. (Optional) Compose an addition to the default email invitation message. The default email message reads "The dashboard <Name of Dashboard> has been shared with you by <user role>."
    Users with the admin role can edit the default email message. Navigate to System Notification > Email > Notifications and open the notification named Dashboard Sharing Notification. For more information, see Create an email notification.
  10. Click Share.
    Share window with specified recipients, Send an email notification box checked, and an invitation message added.


The dashboard is shared and, if specified, an invitation is sent to the invited users.