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Risk Calculator property

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Risk Calculator property

The Best Practice - Change Risk Calculator plugin enables dynamic calculations of the risk and impact of a change. The administrator specifies how and when risk and impact rules are applied.

The Best Practice- Change Risk Calculator plugin bundles some risk calculations using configuration item (CI) attributes and time measures.

A change management system property determines the risk calculation method. In Change > Administration > Change Properties, the administrator selects one of the following methods.

Table 1. Change Risk calculation method
Option Description
UI Action Enables users to click the Calculate Risk related link to check condition rules on demand.

This UI action applies matching conditions according to their order. Each time a rule is applied, an alert is displayed confirming the new values for risk and impact.

The Calculate Risk related link appears on the Change Request form only if the following statements are true.
  • There are risk and impact conditions that apply to the current change record.
  • The user has the admin or the itil role.
Business Rule Enables conditions to be evaluated and applied dynamically through a business rule on the Change Request table.

The conditions are evaluated before a change request record is inserted or updated.

Users with the admin or the itil role or both can execute this business rule.

Note: The Run Risk Calculation business rule replaces the Calculate Risk business rule when the Change Management - Risk Assessment plugin is activated.
None Disables the processing of risk and impact rules.