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Installed with Vendor Performance

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Installed with Vendor Performance

Several components are installed with vendor performance.

Demo data is available with vendor performance. The demo data provides sample vendors and related data, including configuration items, incidents, assessable records, and vendor categories.


Vendor performance adds the following tables.
Table 1. Tables
Table Description
Vendor Activity [vm_vendor_activity] Stores vendor activity records, which help vendor managers track significant events and interactions with vendors.
Vm Vendor Contact [vm_vendor_contact] Stores vendor contact records, which contain contact information for individuals who provide useful information or support on behalf of vendors.


Vendor performance activates the following plugin if it is not already active.
Table 2. Plugins
Plugin Name Plugin ID Description
Assessment com.snc.assessment_core Provides functionality to use vendor assessments.

User Roles

Vendor performance adds the following user role.
Table 3. User Roles
Role Contains Roles Description
vendor_manager itil Vendor managers can:
  • View and customize the Overview module.
  • View assessable records, vendor scorecards, and decision matrixes.
  • View, create, edit, and delete vendor types, vendors, vendor contacts, and bubble charts.
  • View vendor assessment records by directly navigating to the tables.
If vendor ticketing is activated, vendor managers can also view, create, edit, and delete vendor credits and vendor tickets.

Business rules

Vendor performance adds the following business rules.
Table 4. Business rules
Name Table Description
Auto business rule for Assessments Company [core_company] Monitors the Company [core_company] table. When someone adds a record that meets the Vendor metric type conditions, this business rule generates an assessable record. If someone changes the Vendor metric type's table or conditions, the system automatically updates the business rule script to reflect the changes. Existing assessable records associated with the metric type are not affected.
Auto deletion rule for Assessments Company [core_company] Prevents users from deleting a record on the Company table if it is associated to metric or category results. If the company record has no associated results and a user deletes it, this business rule deletes any associated assessable records.