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Define service commitments

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Define service commitments

Service commitments are specific services that define the unique availability guarantees, scope, and pricing for a service offering.

About this task

As a set, service commitments define the level of a business service.

A service offering derives from a business service, tailoring the parent business service to a specific business need. A service offering consists of a set of service commitments which uniquely define the service offerings.


  1. Navigate to Business Services > Service Offerings.
  2. Open a service offering record.
  3. In the Service Commitments related list, click New.
  4. Give the commitment a descriptive name.
    You can specify any kind of service.
  5. Select the Type of commitment from the list.
    Availability and Maintenance Window Used in system processing. If you select Maintenance Window, the Schedule field is required.
    Response Time, Delivery and Other Display additional information in the business service catalog. This information details the type of service commitment the user may expect from a given service offering. These service commitment types do not provide additional functionality or a homepage gauge.
    Recovery time objective Guarantee of how long it takes to recover the system from the recovery point. Set the recovery time in the Time Amount field that appears when you select this commitment type. This field is available with vendor ticketing.
    Recovery point objective Guarantee of how often backups are performed. Set the backup interval in the Time amount field that appears when you select this commitment type. This field is available with vendor ticketing.
    SLA Allows commitments defined by a service level agreement (SLA) that tracks whether a vendor provides a level of service for a defined percentage of the time. The SLA results are calculated automatically and can be viewed on the My Services - SLAs homepage or by navigating to Business Services > Service Offering SLAs > SLA Results.
  6. Select a Vendor and a Contract for this service commitment.
    This information is used in when creating vendor credit records.
  7. Enter the information to calculate credit owed by this vendor for any contract breaches.
    These fields are available with vendor ticketing
    • Breach penalty amount: Amount assessed per unit of time for a breach.
    • Per: Unit of time used to calculate the total credit owed for a breach.
    • Breach penalty time: Amount of free time provided by the vendor per breach.
    Service Commitment
  8. Complete the form and click Submit.
    You are returned to the Service Offering form, and the new commitment appears in the Service Commitment related list.
    Service Offering
  9. Click New to add another service commitment or click Edit to add an existing commitment to this offering.