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Set up a service catalog

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Set up a service catalog

To set up a Service Catalog, plan the way your organization defines and maintains Service Catalog items, and how it fulfills them.

About this task

Administrators and catalog administrators, users with the catalog_admin role, can use the Service Catalog application to define service catalog content and layout. Catalog managers, users with the catalog_manager role, can define and manage a single service catalog. Catalog editors, users with the catalog_editor role, can manage a single service catalog.

Administrators and catalog administrators can define and manage multiple service catalogs. A catalog manager can define and manage a single catalog. One or more catalog editors can manage a single catalog.

Follow these steps to plan for your service catalog:


  1. Assign roles to the users working with the service catalog.
  2. Define content to provide in the service catalog:
    Catalog items The goods and services available within the catalog.
    Categories The groups of items displayed on the catalog home page
    Variables The options available for tailoring a catalog item to meet specific needs.
  3. Customize the service catalog homepage to meet your requirements such as defining mobile layout.
  4. Define the request fulfillment processes your organization uses to deliver ordered catalog items.
  5. [Optional] Create a navigation module for the new catalog.
  6. [Optional] Add the catalog to the multi-catalogs home page.

What to do next

Administrators and catalog administrators can further extend the service catalog to provide more powerful features, using specialized catalog items, configuration options, and scripting functions. For example, administrators can customize the checkout process used when ordering catalog items.