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Request an order guide

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Request an order guide

Once created, order guides present the customer with a three-step ordering process by default.

  1. Describe Needs: Enter information as prompted. Order guide rules evaluate this information to determine which catalog items to order.
  2. Choose Options: Select configuration options for the ordered items and provide any additional information needed, including attachments.
  3. Check Out: Review and edit item information, then click Submit Order to place the request. If the requested item was ordered as part of an order guide, the Order Guide field on the Requested Item form shows the order guide name.
    Note: The Check Out step can be omitted from an order guide to provide a quicker two-step process. To omit this third step, select the Two step check box when creating the order guide.

Review an order guide example

Consider a scenario where you have a New Employee Hire order guide that provides services and items as part of the onboarding process.

About this task


  1. Describe Needs: The order guide prompts the end user for information.
    order guide form - employee onboarding IT
  2. Choose Options: The order guide uses the information entered and predefined rules to generate options.
    order guide form - email account

    The end user selects configuration options for the ordered items, and provides any additional information needed.

  3. Check Out: The end-user reviews and edits item information, then click Submit Order to place the request.
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