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Create an order guide rule to add a catalog item

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Create an order guide rule to add a catalog item

You can add a catalog item to an order guide using specific rules.

About this task

Order guide rules define conditions that must be met for a specific item to be included in an order. For example, a New Employee Hire order guide rule can state that if the new employee job title is CTO or Director, and the department is IT, then add an executive desktop item to the order.


  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Definition > Order Guides.
  2. Open an order guide.
  3. In the Rule base related list, click New.
  4. On the form, fill in the fields.
    Table 1. Rule guide
    Field Description
    Guide The order guide to which the created rules are applied.
    At this position Tab positions are numbered in order from left to right, with the lowest number appearing at the left of the screen.
    Application Name of the application that is being used.
    If this condition is true Conditions that must be true for this rule to apply. Create conditions using the condition builder . Conditions can be evaluated against Keywords, Requested By, Requested For, or any variables defined for that order guide.
    Include this item Item to include in the order if all conditions defined in If this condition is true are matched.
    Note: You can also include record producers in the order guide.
    Ignore Mandatory Evaluation Check box to allow customers to proceed without completing mandatory fields for the Describe Needs and Choose Options screens. The mandatory status of a field is determined by the variable defining that field.

    If mandatory fields are not enforced, then relevant information is not passed on to the ordered items. For example, in a New Employee Hire order guide, if the address is not provided then this information is not included in business cards ordered.

    Use cart layout Check box to use the cart layout that has been configured. Uncheck this check box to access the Show quantity check box option.
    Show quantity Check box to show the quantity ordered within the order confirmation. (Only visible if Use cart layout is unchecked.)
    Quantity Default quantity for the order guide. When quantity is shown, this value can be modified during checkout.
  5. Click Submit.