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Debug actions on catalog item variables

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Debug actions on catalog item variables

Analyze the client-side actions affecting the state and values of all variables . You can also get insights into the performance of each script working on the variables.

Before you begin

Role required: admin, catalog_admin, catalog_manager, or catalog_editor.

About this task

The variable action logger displays the chronology of actions that happen on all variables of a catalog item before it is submitted. These actions can happen due to catalog client scripts, catalog UI policies, or catalog data lookups. This client-side logger does not store any data in the database. Also, the information displayed is applicable only while you work on the catalog form.


  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Administration > Enable Variable Action Logger. .
    The UI Page Customization Diagnostics logger is enabled.
    Note: Perform this step before you run the logger.
  2. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Definitions > Maintain Items.
  3. In the Catalog Items list, select an item that you want to log .
  4. On the Catalog Item form, click Try it.
  5. On the catalog page for the item, right-click the header and select Show Variable Action Logger.
    Note: The variable logs are grouped by catalog UI policies, catalog client scripts, and data lookups.
    The following information is displayed in the Variable Action Logger window:
    • Order in which scripts and actions are executed. When a new action is triggered from an existing action, the order of the new action is tracked at a sublevel under the order of the existing action. For example, the order of a new action triggered from step 1.2 is 1.2.1.
    • Source of the action taken on a variable and the variable name.
    • Details of the action taken on the variable.
    Figure 1. Variable Action Logger window
    Screenshot for the Variable Action Logger window
  6. Review the results of the variable action logger.
    Search To search for a variable or script, use the Search field.
    Collapse All To collapse variable logs within a group, click Collapse All.
    Expand All To expand variable logs within a group, click Expand All.
    Filter To filter variable logs, click the Filter icon (Filter icon) and select the required options.
    Clear Logs To clear variable logs, click the Actions icon (Icon to clear variable logs) and select Clear Logs.
    Export to CSV To export the variable logs to a .csv file, click the Actions icon ( Actions icon) and select Export to CSV.
    Print Logs To print variable logs, click the Actions icon (Actions icon) and select Print Logs.