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Service Catalog request fulfillment

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Service Catalog request fulfillment

When a user orders a catalog item, a request is created that follows a fulfillment process. A fulfillment process defines the steps to request approval, assign fulfillment tasks, and fulfill requests. Execution plans or workflows are used to define fulfillment processes.

Preparing to fulfill catalog item requests involves the following activities.

  • Set up fulfillment groups to assign to tasks.
  • Define the fulfillment processes using execution plans or workflows.
  • Assign the fulfillment process to catalog items.

Using workflows

Workflows provide greater flexibility than execution plans, which are linear. Workflows allow for different paths to the end of the process. For example, an approver can reject a request, ending the process. If the request is approved, the process continues through fulfillment to the end of the process.

Use the Workflow Editor to define fulfillment workflows. The Workflow Editor offers the following features.

  • Edit workflows graphically.
  • Modify activities and conditions.
  • Define transitions between workflow activities.
  • Summarize workflow progress through stages.
  • Validate workflows to identify potential problems.
  • Publish workflows for other users.