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Service Catalog home page

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Service Catalog home page

The home page for a service catalog lists the goods and services available to order from that catalog.

Catalog items are grouped into categories, which can also contain one or more subcategories. By default, the first 10 items in a category appear under the category name on the service catalog home page.

To access the default service catalog home page, navigate to Self-Service > Service Catalog.

Figure 1. Service Catalog home page
Service Catalog homepage and user shopping carts

Click a category name to see a list of all subcategories and items in the category.

Figure 2. Service Catalog Subcategories and Items
Hardware category items

Searching a service catalog

If your organization has multiple service catalogs, you can search for the required catalogs using the Search field. The search results list items in active categories along with their short description.

Note: If your organization has multiple service catalogs, searches return results only from the currently viewed catalog.

To find a specific item in a catalog, use the Search field. Click the down arrow to see a list of previous searches. Catalog search is available on catalog and category pages.

Figure 3. Service catalog search field
Screenshot for the Search field

Search results list items in active categories along with their short description. Use the breadcrumbs in the header bar or below the short description to quickly navigate to a different page. The Found In list shows the categories related to the search results in hierarchical format.

Figure 4. Service catalog search results
Screenshot for search results

You can control the number of results shown on one page with the search results selection list.

Figure 5. Search results selection list
Screenshot for search results selection list

In the catalog listing, click a link in the breadcrumbs at the top of the screen to quickly navigate back one or more levels in the hierarchy.

To remove the search term from the breadcrumbs, click the x next to the term.

If a search returns multiple results, obtain details about a specific catalog item by clicking Preview.

Note: The system performs the type-ahead search based on keywords only.