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Service catalog workflows

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Service catalog workflows

Two service catalog workflows are provided in the base system. Use the Graphical Workflow Editor to modify the default workflows or to create additional service catalog workflows. Service catalog workflows support domain separation.

Default service catalog workflows

  • Service Catalog Request: a simple workflow that fulfills a simple order.
  • Service Catalog Item Request: a more complex workflow that fulfills a more complex order.
Figure 1. Service Catalog Request workflow
Service Catalog Request workflow
Figure 2. Service Catalog Item Request workflow
Service Catalog Item Request workflow

Defining service catalog workflows

Creating a workflow involves the following processes:
  • Defining the new workflow fields.
  • Defining workflow activities.
  • Publishing the new workflow.

After you create a workflow, attach it to any catalog item in the Workflow reference field on the item form.

Deleting catalog workflow records

Workflow stage fields for service catalog workflows display when a user deletes a record required by the workflow. If a user deletes a catalog item and that catalog item has active request workflows running, the workflow stage field displays Catalog item removed. Similarly, deleting the associated workflow context causes the stage field to display Workflow context removed.

Associating items with the domain-specific workflow

When using service catalog workflows with domain separation, ensure your catalog items use the domain-specific workflow. If you create a domain-specific version of a workflow, existing catalog items continue to use the original workflow. To configure the catalog item to use the domain-specific workflow, select the new workflow in the Workflow field on the catalog item record.