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Order guides

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Order guides

Order guide submits a single service catalog request that generates several items.

For example, a New Employee Hire order guide can contain several items that new employees commonly need, such as business cards, computer, and cell phone. After selecting this order guide, the customer can then provide information about the new employee, including location and job title. The order guide then submits an order for catalog items like business cards, based on the details provided.

Order guides determine which catalog items to order by evaluating order guide rule conditions. Information the customer enters within the order guide can be passed as cascading variables to the ordered items, allowing common information to be reused across multiple items.

Administrators and catalog administrators can create order guides for the service catalog.

Order guides can be run automatically, generating a set of ordered items without needing to manually submit a service catalog request. For example, an onboarding workflow for a new employee can automatically run an order guide to order items for that employee.

The script field in an order guide can be used to add or remove catalog items to or from the order guide. It can be added to the order guide form by configuring the form layout.

  • To add a catalog item that is not added to the order guide via a rule base, write the following code in the script field:
  • To remove a catalog item that is added to the order guide via a rule base, write the following code in the script field:

Video tutorial about order guides