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Service Catalog request screens

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Service Catalog request screens

To place a request from a service catalog, navigate to the catalog home page and select the item to order.

When an item is ordered, the base system generates a request to track the order and displays a summary that includes the order status in the Stage column:

Figure 1. Service Catalog Request Status
Service Catalog Request Status

Each individual catalog item in a request creates a discrete request item. For example, a request for 2 PCs, 1 chair, and 1 desk would produce four request items on a single request.

Shopping cart screens

The shopping cart screen displays previews of the cart immediately before an order is placed.

You can configure the layout for either the one-step or two-step catalog checkout process.

Order status screens

The order status screen is the final summary screen a user sees in the service catalog after placing an order successfully.

Request generation for a Service Catalog item

When a customer orders something from the catalog, a request is generated to track the order.

Figure 2. Service catalog request
Request status screen after the request is submitted

Each individual catalog item that is part of a request creates a discrete request item with the request.

For example, a request for 2 PCs, 1 Chair, and 1 Desk would produce:

  • Request REQ0000001 -- 4 Things
    • Requested item RITM0000001 -- 2 X PC
    • Requested item RITM0000002 -- 1 X Chair
    • Requested item RITM0000003 -- 1 X Desk

After a service catalog request is submitted, a fulfiller may determine that the item is not in stock. The full filler can select the Backordered check box, and enter comments about when the item may be back in stock. The backorder status can be used in reports and dashboards.

If a service catalog request is canceled, all associated purchase orders and transfer orders that have not been received are canceled.