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Create a purchase order

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Create a purchase order

You can create a purchase order. Purchase orders specify assets to order from a single vendor.

Before you begin

Role required: procurement_admin or procurement_user

About this task

For example, an organization can create a purchase order to buy 20 laptop computers or 10 servers. Information on a purchase order enables physical and financial tracking of the assets that were ordered.

You can also use a transfer order if an asset is already owned by an organization. A transfer order is used to internally transfer assets from one stockroom to another instead of purchasing the assets. For example, a company stockroom in New York has five laptops that are needed in Boston. You create a transfer order to move the laptops from the New York stockroom to the Boston stockroom.

After you create a purchase order, the Receiving Slip related list is available on the Purchase Order form. A receiving slip is created manually or automatically when the item is received. The Receiving Slip related list shows all receiving slips related to the purchase order. After a receiving slip is added to a purchase order, all fields on the purchase order record become read-only.


  1. Navigate to Procurement > Orders > Purchase Orders.
  2. Click New.
  3. Complete the form.
    Table 1. Purchase order fields
    Field Description
    Number The unique number identifying the purchase order.
    Due by The date by which the purchase order Total cost must be paid.
    Vendor The supplier to which the purchase order was issued.
    Ship to The stockroom to which items on the purchase order should be shipped.
    PO date The date on which the purchase order was created.
    Status The current status of the purchase order: Canceled, Ordered, Received, Requested, or Suspended.
    Assigned to The user to whom the purchase order is assigned.
    Bill to The location responsible for paying the purchase order Total cost.
    Short description A brief description of the purchase order.
    General section
    Shipping The delivery method to be used when shipping the items on the purchase order.
    Terms The purchase order payment terms: Credit, Net 30 days, or Net 90 days.
    Ship rate The amount that must be paid for the delivery method specified in the Shipping field.
    Total cost The sum of all item costs on the purchase order and the shipping costs.
    Description A full description of the purchase order contents.
    Details section
    Initial request The record number of the request that requires the items on the purchase order.
    Requested by The user requesting the items on the purchase order.
    Requested The date the user in the Requested by field requested the items on the purchase order.
    Ordered The date and time the Order button is clicked on the Purchase Order form.
    Expected delivery The date the items associated with the purchase order are expected to arrive in the stockroom identified in the Ship to field. This field cannot be edited when the purchase order has a Status of Received or Canceled. (For more information about this field, see Purchase order expected delivery date.)
    Received The date and time at which the purchase order status changed to Received.
    Contract The record number of the contract with the vendor from which the items on the purchase order are ordered.
    Department The department responsible for paying for the purchase order.
    Budget number The budget number associated with the purchase order.
    Vendor account The vendor account associated with the purchase order.
  4. Click Submit.

What to do next

Add purchase order line items to specify what you are ordering from this vendor.