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Request items source

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Request items source

A request from the service catalog can contain multiple items that need to be obtained or sourced.

The following diagram illustrates the different methods for sourcing items.

Figure 1. Methods of sourcing requested items
Methods of sourcing requested items
Note: Only items with an assigned model can be sourced. Sourcing bundles is not supported.

Purchase order for sourcing requested items

Items not in a stockroom can be ordered with a purchase order and delivered to a destination stockroom. In the same purchase order you can order multiple items.

You can choose to create the hardware asset and reserve it for a user after creating the purchase order, or you can do the same after you receive the items. For software items, you cannot pre-create the assets and assign them before they are received.

Transfer order for sourcing requested hardware items

To source requested hardware items, create a transfer order. You can choose to transfer the hardware assets from:
  • One source stock room to multiple destination stockrooms.
  • In case, if one source stock room doesn't has sufficient stock, you can specify multiple stockrooms so that items can be transferred to single or multiple destination stockrooms.

Add assignment for sourcing requested software items

To source software items, add assignments wherein, you need to assign rights of the software license. You can assign rights to a user or device so that they are entitled to use the software.