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ITSM Virtual Agent

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ITSM Virtual Agent

Implement ITSM Virtual Agent to support and scale your IT organization by enabling a virtual agent chatbot to perform the less complicated, more common IT requests and incidents. ITSM Virtual Agent liberates your technicians to concentrate on more challenging, demanding user requests and incidents.

Several predefined ITSM Virtual Agent chatbot conversations, which cover common IT interactions, are included with the application.

Conversations represent dialogs between the virtual agent chatbot and the user to accomplish a specific goal. The information exchanged during the conversation flow, such as user inputs and chatbot responses, enables the chatbot to fulfill a request or help complete a task.

Listen to this 18-minute podcast for a discussion of the Virtual Agent and how it can streamline interactions between a company and its customers and employees.

Admins and users with the virtual_agent_admin role can create and publish conversation topics in Virtual Agent Designer.

Virtual Agent must be activated before you can use the ITSM Virtual Agent chatbot conversations. Users with the admin or virtual_agent_admin role can activate the two required plugins:
  • Glide Virtual Agent [com.glide.cs.chatbot]
  • ITSM Virtual Agent Conversations plugin (com.snc.itsm.virtualagent)
  1. Activate the Glide Virtual Agent (com.glide.cs.chatbot) plugin first.
  2. Activate the ITSM Virtual Agent Conversations (com.snc.itsm.virtualagent) plugin to access the predefined ITSM Virtual Agent conversation topics.
  3. Review the ITSM conversation topics in Virtual Agent Designer.
  4. To use any of the ITSM Virtual Agent conversation topics, publish them in Virtual Agent Designer so that your users can run the conversations in your chat support client.
    Note: You cannot edit the provided topics. You can duplicate a provided topic and then edit it. You can also create additional topics. See Virtual Agent Designer.
The predefined ITSM Virtual Agent conversation topics include:
  • Order an Item
  • Check IT Ticket Status
  • System Status
  • Create Change Request
  • Process Approval
  • Reset Password
  • My Assigned Equipment
  • Search Knowledge Base
  • Open IT Ticket
  • Update Assigned Task

Topics must be activated and published before your employees can use them. By default, the base system provides topics as inactive and unpublished. To view, duplicate, preview, or publish ITSM topics in the Virtual Agent Designer, refer to Virtual Agent Designer.