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Add a module that uses a template

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Add a module that uses a template

You can add a module that allows an end user to log an incident with pre-filled field values from an existing template.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

The following example demonstrates how to place the Bond Trade Access Denied template into a module in the Self-Service application.


  1. Point to Self-Service and click the edit icon (pencil).
  2. Click New in the Modules related list.
  3. Enter the following information.
    • Title: Bond Trading Access Denied
    • Order: 473. This order places the new module after Requested Items in the Self-Service application.
    • Hint: Log an incident about the Bond Trade application.

    Link Type section:

    • Link Type: New Record
    • Table: Incident
    • Arguments: Trading Access Denied. This path deploys the template in the new incident record.
    Figure 1. Module form
    Module form
  4. Click Submit.
    The new module appears in the Self-Service application.