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Create a knowledge article from an incident

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Create a knowledge article from an incident

When you are ready to close an incident, you can create a knowledge article so the next time the issue comes up the resolution is easy to find.

Before you begin

Role required: itil

About this task

When an incident is closed either by the caller or automatically, a draft knowledge article is created.


  1. Open a resolved incident that you want to close.
  2. Ensure that the Knowledge check box is selected and that a resolution is entered in the Additional comments (Customer visible) field.
  3. Click Close incident.
    A new draft knowledge article is created. The content in the fields listed in the following table is copied from the Incident form to the Knowledge form.
    Field on Incident form Field on Knowledge form
    Short description Short description
    Additional comments Text
    Number Source
    The Knowledge related list on the Incident form is populated with the new draft knowledge article. The draft article does not appear in the knowledge base (KB) for users until it is reviewed and published.

    If the knowledge submission workflow (glide.knowman.submission.workflow) is enabled, the comments in the incident Short description and Additional comments fields become a knowledge submission instead of an article. The KB Submissions related list on the Incident form is populated with the new knowledge submission. For more information on workflow, see Knowledge workflows .

What to do next

To see the draft articles, navigate to Knowledge > My Knowledge Articles and then open the draft article by its KB number in the Knowledge form.