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Incident templates and record producers

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Incident templates and record producers

Templates simplify the process of submitting new records by populating fields automatically. A record producer is a specific type of catalog item that allows end users to create task-based records, such as incident records, from the service catalog.

Incident templates can be used to quickly enter incidents for similar issues or questions. Users with the itil role can create personal templates for incidents they log frequently. An administrator or user with the template_editor_global role can create templates that are available to everyone. An administrator can enable the global option for any personal template that a user has entered, so that all agents have access to it.

ESS users typically log incidents using a record producer in the service catalog. A template can be used to create an incident record producer. The template populates fields in the Incident form that the user submitting the incident does not see.

For example, an incident record producer can be created to request account access to a network server. The user who submits the incident enters variable values, such as the server name, level of access needed, and due date. The incident template assigned to the record producer populates the incident Category, Subcategory, and Assignment Group. These fields and values applied from the template do not appear in the record producer form.