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Incident configuration

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Incident configuration

You can configure the incident form and other incident features, such as incident categories and UI behavior. The ITSM guided setup helps you configure incident management on your ServiceNow instance.

The Incident form is configured in the base system to follow recommended ITIL practices. The administrator can configure the incident form and use the form designer to customize it. You can copy or create child incident to reduce the effort of configuring the functionality of an open incident. The following list describes the options to configure the Incident form from the form context menu Configure option.

Table 1. Form configuration and design
Menu option Description
Form design Administrators or users with the personalize_form role can use the form design feature to quickly create new or change existing form views. Form design is an alternative to configuring forms that combines several configuration options into one tool.
Form layout Administrators or users with the personalize_form role can configure a form to show or hide fields from a view. New fields can be created on the table associated with the form.
Related lists Related lists display records in another table that have a relationship with the current record. Administrators or users with the personalize_form role can configure related lists to appear on the form.

Using guided setup to implement Incident Management

IT Service Management guided setup provides a sequence of tasks that help you configure Incident Management on your ServiceNow instance. To open ITSM guided setup, navigate to Guided Setup > ITSM Guided Setup. For more information about using the guided setup interface, see Using guided setup.