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Create expense lines manually

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Create expense lines manually

You can create expense lines at a single level or in a hierarchy to better organize expense information.

Before you begin

Role required: admin, financial_mgmt_admin, or financial_mgmt_user

About this task

Use a hierarchy if it makes sense for your organization. In the example below, the last two expense lines are a level under expense line number EXP0010001.
Figure 1. Expense lines in a hierarchy
Expense lines hierarchy


  1. Navigate to Costs > Expense Lines.
  2. Open an expense line record, or click New to create a new expense line.
  3. Complete the form.
    Table 1. Expense line table
    Field Description
    Number The unique number identifying the expense line.
    Date The date on which the expense line was created.
    Rate Card The identification number of the rate card to which the expense line is associated.
    Rate type The rate type that is considered during the expense line generation. This field is read-only.
    Source ID The identification number of the item associated with the expense line. If this field is filled in, corresponding information is automatically added to the Source fields on this form.
    Amount The monetary value of the item specified in the Source ID field. Enter a negative value to indicate a credit.
    Process date The date the expense line is processed.
    Inherited Check box that indicates whether the expense line is on another expense line.
    State The current state of the expense line, either Pending or Processed.
    Summary type The expense line category: Grow Business, Run Business, or Transform Business. Categorizing expense lines can be useful for reporting.
    Short description A brief description of the expense line.
    Asset The identification number of the asset associated with the expense line, if any.
    Fixed asset Fixed asset that contains the asset in this expense line. A fixed asset is a container that holds one or more individual assets, including hardware or software assets. The system auto-populates this field with the appropriate fixed asset if the named Asset is contained within that fixed asset.
    Contract The identification number (not the contract number) of the contract associated with the Asset, if any.
    User The name of the user associated with the Asset, if any.
    Configuration Item The name of the configuration item associated with the expense line, if any.
    Task The identification number of the task associated with the expense line, if any.
    Cost center The cost center financially responsible for the item identified in Source ID, if any.