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Monitor a contract

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Monitor a contract

You can monitor contracts by viewing contract history and creating contract reports.

Before you begin

Role required: asset or contract_manager

About this task

If changes are made to a contract start date, end date, or terms and conditions, a copy of the contract is automatically saved and placed in contract history. This is useful for tracking changes to a contract and keeping an audit trail. Configure the Contract History related list to include columns for creation and update so you can easily see who edited the contract.


  1. Navigate to Contract Management > Contract > All.
  2. Select a contract.
  3. View the Contract History related list and perform one of the following actions.
    • If earlier versions of the contract exist, click a date in the Contract Starts column to view a version.
    • If an earlier version of the contract does not exist, change the contract's Start date or End date. Right-click in the header bar and select Save. In the Contract History related list, click a date in the Contract Starts column to view the earlier version.