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Contract life cycle

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Contract life cycle

From creation until closure, contracts follow a life cycle that determines which fields can be edited.

When a contract is in Draft state, almost all fields on the contract record can be edited. After a contract moves past the Draft state, certain date, renewal, extension, and financial fields become read-only. The State field and Substate field are always read-only.

A scheduled job named Contract Compliance Checks runs on the Contract [ast_contract] table automatically each night. For more information about the scheduled job, see Use Condition Check Definitions. The scheduled job performs the following actions:
  • Changes the contract state to Active if the contract is approved and reaches the specified start date.
  • Renews the contract if the contract is approved for renewal and reaches the specified start date.
  • Changes the contract state to Expired if the contract state is Active and reaches the end date.

Expense lines are only generated from contracts that are active or expired.

Table 1. Contract states
State Description
Draft User adds information about the contract and specifies an approver.
Active Contract was approved and has reached the specified start date.
Expired Contract reached the specified end date. Expired contracts with an active renewal workflow that are waiting for approval have a substate of Awaiting Review. Expired contracts with an active renewal workflow where the renewal was approved, but the renewal date has not yet passed, have a substate of Renewal Approved. Expired contracts with no active renewal or extension pending workflow have an empty substate.
Canceled Contract was discontinued and is no longer active.

In addition to a state, a contract can also have a substate.

Table 2. Contract substates
Substate Description
Awaiting Review Contract is being prepared for review.
Under Review Contract is sent to the approver and the approver is reviewing the contract.
Approved Contract is reviewed and accepted by the approver.
Rejected Contract is reviewed and declined by the approver.
Renewal Approved Contract renewal is approved by the approver.
Renewal Rejected Contract renewal is rejected by the approver.
Extension Approved Contract extension is approved by the approver.
Extension Rejected Contract extension is rejected by the approver.
None No substate is specified.