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Configure state model transitions

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Configure state model transitions

You can use script includes or UI policies to configure state models and the criteria for moving change requests from one state to another.

Before you begin

Role required: script_include_admin, ui_policy_admin, or admin


  1. Complete the following steps to add state change criteria in a script include that enables a state transition.
    1. Navigate to System Definitions > Script Includes.
    2. Open the script include for the state transition model that you want to edit.
      State transition model Script include
      Normal ChangeRequestStateModel_normal
      Standard ChangeRequestStateModel_standard
      Emergency ChangeRequestStateModel_emergency
    3. Modify the appropriate method canMove method in the script include.
      For example, to add a condition for a normal change to transition from the New state to the Authorized state, modify the draft.authorized.canMove() method in the ChangeRequestStateModel_normal script include. In the script, the GlideRecord you are acting on can be referenced using the this._gr variable.

      The canMove method is part of a structure that defines the transitions available to the change type. The canMove method is contained in the currentState.nextState.canMove() structure.

  2. Complete the following steps to use a UI policy to add new criteria for state transitions.
    1. Navigate to System UI > UI Policies.
    2. Open a default UI policy to edit or click New to create a new policy.
      The following are the default UI policies.
      UI Policy Description
      Show CAB fields for normal and emergency changes from the Authorize state and onwards.
      Mandatory Assignment Group field.
      Mandatory Close notes and Code fields when in the Closed state.
      Note: In both of the mandatory UI policies, the state of the change request determines the mandatory fields. For Show - CAB fields, the type of change is also taken into account because standard changes do not require approval.
    3. Complete and save the UI policy.